Topeng Pentul White

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  • Topeng Pentul White
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Topeng Pentul White

The Pentul Mask is one of a theatrical dance mask in the Javanese Tradition of Tarian Topeng. Pentul mask made half face, from the forehead to the upper lip. In a celebration mask performance, this mask is danced as a distraction, or as a clown who appears together with Pamindo or Rumyang masks. This mask is described as a Punakawan named Patrajaya, and usually has a dialogue with Pamindo or Rumyang asking about the various dance movements of the two masks.

Pentul masks represent cute characters according to their roles as clowns/friends. This Pentul Mask describes a very loyal courtier of the palace, who in doing something must be in accordance with the orders of his lord. Even though it is full of obstacles.

His nose is big, and his eyes are slanted. This guise is similar to Gareng’s clown in wayang golek. The mask, the term used for Cirebon masks, is generally made of Jaran wood or horse wood (dolichandrone spathacea). This type of wood is found in gardens, rice fields, roadsides, to graves. Jaran wood is somewhat soft but termite resistant.

Including Tembem Mask with Chubby, Pentul has long been used as a distraction in the form of entertaining jokes.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 16 cm


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