Tounges of Fire


  • Tounges of Fire
  • Artist Made Kaek
  • Year 2022
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • Size 130cm x 150cm

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Tounges of Fire ‘Lidah Api’ by Made Kaek. Original artwork, acrylic on canvas. Exhibited in ‘World Without Sound, an Anthology’ at Sawidji Gallery April – May 2023.

‘Lidah Api’ translates as Tounges of Fire, by the contemporary artist Made Kaek whose style is often described as brut with surrealist and primitive tones. Along with Tounges of Fire he also shared his reflections on the theme of ‘World Without Sound’. A graduate of law and a self-taught artist. Made Kaek is a creative pillar with pivotal contributions to the landscape of contemporary Indonesian art. Tounges of Fire is part of a new body of works that displays Made Kaeks’ enigmatic dimensionality as well as a sharp community consciousness.

We need to have a balance of silence. To avoid ignorant and damaging words. Like tounges without bones

“This work is a reflection of how chaotic it is in the real world. In the real world, it is important to also have a silent world. We do need this balance of silence. I see Sawidji’s suggestion to contemplate this theme as something very positive. There are many issues in the world. The world of media has a lot of noise. Perhaps we need to contemplate a world with less damaging noise. Less ignorant words.”

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An Insightful Contradiction of Art and Law.. Made Kaek


World Without Sound, an Anthology

Made Kaek

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Dimensions 160 × 150 × 15 cm


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