Trying to Hum


Medium: Ocean driftwood, acrylic mediums, bamboo pins



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Trying to Hum by Kaprus Jaya is part of a series of driftwood sculptures in the ‘Drifting Creatures’ Collection featured in Sawidji Gallery Online. Their hidden shapes and inner voices uncovered. Through the expressive touch of contemporary artist Kaprus Jaya at Sawidji Gallery. A collection of works using found objects and reusable materials. For more details on this collection visit featured portfolio Drifting Creatures.

‘Trying to Hum’ part of Drifting Creatures Series. Article Excerpt

“When I think of Kaprus Jaya’s Drifting Creatures, I feel something a little more profoundly. The artist process is the same here as in his abstract paintings. He is not insisting his will on how something should be. He is looking to see what is already there. To uncover a part of Nature that is real and present but still unseen. The marriage between the hand of the artist and the raw force of energy that he senses in his world is at the core of Kaprus Jaya’s art. It is perhaps even more evident in Drifting Creatures.”

In particular in ‘Trying to Hum’ the natural shape of the driftwood has given form to this beautiful, gliding creature. That brings to mind a bird not in flight, but even as the artist states,.. like a creature gliding along the ice. Through the title which Kaprus has given, there is then the added dimension of melody. A gliding song.

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Dimensions 9 × 7 × 19 cm


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