Violent Faces by Kaprus Jaya


  • Wajah di Alam By Ketut Jaya
  • Year 2016
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • 180 x 145 x 3cm


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Violent Faces by Kaprus Jaya (Wajah Wajah Beringas).

Violent Faces by Kaprus Jaya (Wajah Wajah Beringas). During specific political seasons, I look at the events and the debates that takes place and I see the tense environment. The smiles are ready and the words are sweet but in truth, there are no friendships on that stage. Everyone is there with an agenda to win, there’s no true friendship during that contest. It is aggressive even if the violence is not visible. ~ Kaprus Jaya

When you look at the composition, in comparison to Kaprus Jaya’s other works in one way they are similar. The fullness and energy and movement is consistent with the artists’ raw application. An intensity that is from an immediate emotional connection. There are subtle differences.

Typical also with the way the artist applies and chooses colours in asubconsciously emotive way. The composition here is much more evenly spread out. From corner to corner of this canvas, there seems to be figurative faces of similar sizes with similar textures and tones. The repetition in this competition is like a throng of heads in a large crowd. There isn’t any great big transitions into another colour or a different compositional focus.

If this was a piece of music, it is the same busy noises throughout the whole piece. I love how that paints a visual picture of the noise. The mood. It is aggressive and tense, yet at the same time it is depicted as not unique and nondescript. That there’s no one star, they are all evenly equal. Equal in their behaviours. An emotional translation of the artists’ perception of the political high seasons.

Kaprus Jaya is an artist who features a depth in his Abstract Expressionist Portfolio.

View Kaprus Jaya’s recent solo exhibition ‘More than a Likeness’ Intuitive Portraiture.

You may also enjoy other pieces by Kaprus Jaya such as ‘Bayangan Jiwa’  and ‘Topeng‘ that deal with similar themes.



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