When Happy


Medium: Ocean driftwood, acrylic mediums, bamboo pins

Dimensions: 19x10x4cm

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When Happy by Kaprus Jaya is part of a series of driftwood sculptures in the ‘Drifting Creatures’ Collection featured in Sawidji Gallery Online. Their hidden shapes and inner voices uncovered. Through the expressive touch of contemporary artist Kaprus Jaya at Sawidji Gallery. A collection of works using found objects and reusable materials. For more details on this collection visit featured portfolio Drifting Creatures.

‘When Happy’ part of Drifting Creatures Series. Article Excerpt

“When I think of Kaprus Jaya’s Drifting Creatures, I feel something a little more profoundly. Reminding me of the similar musings. But its not quite the same as your favourite hat or childhood furniture. Yet, when I see the artist working with driftwood, I know it is not a compulsion he has because he is a sculptor. Most of his creative works are expressed in paintings. And Kaprus Jaya’s paintings are powerful and intuitive. It is this nature of intuitive connection that draws him to the pieces of driftwood that he finds. Giving them a new life and a new purpose.”

Kaprus Jaya Full Portfolio

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 4 × 10 × 19 cm


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