Jungeun Choi Google Reviewer

It was great oppotunity to meet Dian who is an aritist and directly listened the back ground of the exhivison for “Red Chair and the white Room” in the last exhivision day. Also Dian let me shared my impression after quick skimmed the all art work and listened my ridicuious story telling. Then she clairified the intension of exhivison and the symbols of red chiken and withe duck one by one. It was honor to hearing an explanation directly from the artist and Manbutur who is photograher also elaborate the current social issue in Bali and what they contributed to solve the issues as an artists. I was glad not only to enjoy the art work but also to know what Sawidji gallery is doing to help the artists and as well as to strengthen the Bali community and inherit the tradition. I was sincerly touched that Sawidji gallery’s mission is to support local artists, to educate young artists and continued tradition from rapidily changing and commericalized Bali society. I am sure I will definitly visit this gallery again in case of visiting Ubud next time and guaranty that visitors will experince genune Bali.

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