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Tumbuh Widjaya was born in Jombang Java in 1972. He ha lived in Bali since 1995. Artist and Founder of Tumbuh Design Concepts and Tumbuh Antiques and Artefacts.

Tumbuh Widjaya

What do I want to develop? The point is I just like to be creative. I like to have a challenge.. whether its in construction, or artistic, or a new idea that needs challenging, that’s what I like..

Tumbuh Widjaya


Travelled to Bali in 1995 with the desire to learn to paint. However, without the right teacher he did not continue too long in this direction. Instead, returning to the technical side of things.

From that time, Tumbuh Widjaya built his companies and focused on the business side of things.He opened several different workshops and handled various design and construction projects that were government issued as well as private.

When his economical growth felt comfortable, his focus seems to naturally revert back to his first calling. Art.

An Intense Energy

Tumbuh Widjaya’s energy and creativity spreads in all directions. Encompassing glasswork, metalwork, construction and furniture design. His love for Nature has also led to impressive achievements in areas of botany such as Bonsai Art as well as environmental projects that include recycling/sustainable materials. His interest in antiques and archaeological finds  of historical sites has led to the making of a substantial collection of valuable artefacts. He also makes his own special wine.


What do I want to develop?

I want to have something spectacular that is large in scale, huge even

Why does it have to be large?

Because it can be enjoyed by many people. When it is large like a monument then it can be enjoyed by many at once altogether. That is my dream.

Bonsai..from 1997,.. how did it start?

I just like it,… I like things that grow and I like things that can develop.. we plant goodness. We plant things that can yield beauty and goodness..

Tumbuh Widjaya
Tumbuh Design Concepts

Tumbuh Design Concepts

Tumbuh Antiques and Artefacts

Tumbuh Antiques and Artefacts

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