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Artists Sawidji Gallery. Our house, is built on the talents and skills of our artists. At the core of what we do, we keep our focus on growth. As individuals, we share the same desire to deepen our knowledge and understanding. By Sawidji Artist Collective working together, encouraging each other to break old boundaries and explore new avenues of creativity. Learn more about us.

For a seed, what does it mean when there is only the husk? There is no possibility of growth. The same reason applies to the artist and their art.


Our community may be involved in different collaborations. For our Fine Art Photography projects please visit Sawidji Studio Fine Art Photography.

Artist Portfolios that are submitted to Sawidji Gallery are available for viewing also through Artwork Archive Sawidji Gallery.

Dewi Dian Reich Artist Profile

Dewi Dian Reich

Dewi Dian Reich Artist Profile. Founder of Sawidji Artists Collective
Ketut Jaya

Ketut Kaprus Jaya

Contemporary Artist Bali, returning to the untempered purity of creative expression. Abstract Expressionist, Watercolours.
Another Gutenberg Effect


Delo, Painter, Framer, Carver.
White Wood Giclee Print


Indonesian Artist based in Bali, Harijadi. His works are a mastery of detail rendered in light and shadow. Visit Sawidji Artist Collective.
Nyoman Handi Sawidji Artist Profile

Nyoman Handi

Welcoming contemporary artist Nyoman Handi. Explore a creative originality that fuses a new-generation social consciousness through a visual language that echoes our ancient beginnings.
Shuai Feng Artist Profile Sawidji Gallery

Shuai Feng

Contemporary Artist Shuai Feng. An exploration into the conscious and subconscious worlds through rich surrealist symbolism.
Ketut Sukerta

Ketut Sukerta

Ketut Sukerta, Traditional Mask Maker, Mas Ubud Bali. Collection available at Sawidji Gallery
Another Gutenberg Effect

Wayan Wangen

Wayan Wangen, Balinese Wood Carver, part of Gus Tilem Gallery for 25 years. Collection available through Sawidji Gallery.
Ketut Dana

Ketut Dana

Ketut Dana, Wood Carver, Mas Ubud Bali. Specialty in Buddha Sculptures. Collection available at Sawidji Gallery
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