Sawidji Gallery, home to our art community. Cherishing the honesty of the creative spirit. We are passionate about cultivating art, culture and community spirit in transforming society. As a creative collective, our focus centres on providing appropriate resources for cross-platform integration to aid artists and appropriate commercial channels. Staying true to our belief that fine art cannot be the object of continued over-commercialisation.

Sawidji honours and celebrate our gifts. A home of learning and creation, for those with a desire and appreciation of Nature, Art and all Her gifts.

Dewi Dian


We have highlights on special collections that range from retrospectives to debut works by contemporary artists from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds.

Bawi Srenggi II Putu Bonuz Sudiana Sawidji Gallery

The Brightness of Black

Sawidji Exhibitions and Collaborations

Sawidji is also an independent fine art studio and gallery. We have regular projects and collaborations with local and visiting artists. Our exhibitions are generally every two months. Previous exhibitions and collaborations are available in our archives as well as under our ‘Explore Art’ section as online presentations.

Tounges of Fire Sawidji Gallery Made Kaek

Sawidji Gallery

Our artists each have their inspiring journeys. Learn their stories. Explore our articles, programs and gallery of artworks

Red Chair White Room Part II

Sawidji Studio

Sawidji Studio focused on the Art in Fine Art Photography. Not about captures. The art through photography.

Our art studio gallery focuses the creativity and resources of our community in a united direction. Relevant and progressive. To be connected to the rapid changes in the world, whilst keeping strong our unique and special identity.

Sawidji Gallery, our network and platform, operate with the values of transparency and teamwork that we believe in. Perhaps most importantly, we are both humbled and proud to share the amazing artworks created by our artists. Artworks that carry with them, generations of skill and knowledge, as well as valuable life lessons.

Art Classes and Workshops

Knowledge sharing and education is a primary value within Sawidji. Our classes, and workshops range from private tuition to artist masterclasses. Our programs are growing. To learn about classes and upcoming workshops go to EXPLORE ART.

Sawidji Articles

Sawidji With Love Shop

The creative imagination of original artworks inspires quality apparel and designs. Artists are designing wonderful products that feature their art. Our gallery shop provides a seamless path for artists to translate art into designs to be enjoyed every day.

Sawidji Gallery Home Page

Sawidji With Love

Designed by Artists, for their art

Newest Additions

Sawidji as a gallery and as group collective, collaborates within its artist stable to enhance skills as well as expand knowledge. Showcasing the beauty of traditional talents in our contemporary environment whilst safeguarding the integrity of their voice.


After I join their Pure Expression Painting workshop in one of the magical forests in Bali I decided to join their authentic culture tour as well. Those 2 days were the most original events I have ever had in Bali or anywhere. Besides being very well organized events, you also feel that they care about you. I felt like I was traveling with my best friends all day. Hiked in places that I would never find by myself and I felt safe all the way long.

Eda Ocak

Alla Dokshorova Sawidji Art Gallery is inspiring space with unique art and an amazing atmosphere. I had unforgettable experience on watercolor painting class with talented Kaprus Jaya! Definitely will visit again!

Alla Dokshorova

Ellen Lane Google Reviewer

By chance, I discovered this hidden gem on Jl Cempaka in Mas, Ubud the other day. It is a cooperative gallery and boutique with true community objectives. The show that is being exhibited now is truly a Must See! Unlike any other art show I’ve seen, this show addresses the economic versus spiritual dilemma facing Bali now in hauntingly beautiful photographs and short films. The small boutique has clothes, jewelry, scarves, and sculptures made by the communities’ artists. I highly recommend this gallery.

Ellen Lane

A beautiful place. the studio owner is very professional and kind. The art corner is very unique & highly recommended. we would love to be back soon❤️

Erika Tevya

Dr. Livinghome Google Review

I had a watercolor lesson and it was fantastic. So inspiring to be in a creative space with creative people who truly love and honor art. Thank you so much!

Dr. Livinghome

    Sawidji Artist Collective is a community of friends, artists, sculptors, carvers and artisans, who agree on the imperativeness to revive the intrinsic value of the arts in Ubud, before so much of it is lost through over commercialisation.
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