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Support Sawidji, our initiative is just starting and we appreciate all the support we get from friends and family. Whether you share our works through your social networks or pass on a good word to your family and friends, it is appreciated. Every little bit of support and positive sharing really matters.

Purchasing our original artworks is the most direct way to support each individual artist within Sawidji. As we have an open book system with our community and terms of sale and profit are handled transparently. Browse through our paintings and prints whether for yourself or as a special gift. Sawidji also has a growing range of products that our artists have collaborated on in our apparel and homeware ranges.

We welcome corporate and private sponsors. Our team are open for corporate projects and look forward to widening our portfolio so our artists and their works have the wider circulation they truly deserve.

To support our growing initiative, think of us if you have a project that suits our wide range of talents and services.

We have created works for:

  • Concept Development for Marketing Campaigns
  • Custom work for interior projects
  • Studio Photography and printing service
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Let’s Make Something New Together or Enjoy our Artworks in Your Space

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