Explore Art Events, Classes and Workshops with Sawidji. Here in Sawidji, Art is a living thing. Evolving, transforming. It is not simply in paintings and sculptures, it can be in everything around us. That living energy that gives birth to an artistic creation. Through it we experience living wholly and it has the power to transform us as well. Our classes and exhibitions are based in our Art Gallery Ubud Bali location. Please feel welcome to join us at Sawidji and subscribe to our Blog for articles on Nature, Art and Culture.

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World Without Sound

Silent Language Art Photography Exhibition Sanggar Susrusa Sawidji Gallery

With Sanggar Sushrusa Deaf School

Ellen Lane Sawidji Gallery Artist Biography Explore art

Glass Doors and Bridges

Sawidji Gallery Explore Art Ubud Bali

Truth Be Told with Shuai Feng

Doa III Sawidji Gallery Giclee Print Limited Edition Dewi Dian Reich

Kala and the Guardians

Red Chair White Room collaboration explore art

Red Chair and the White Room

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