Learn to Play Balinese Rebab


  • Learn Balinese Rebab (Rebab Bali)
  • Teacher with over 20 years experience
  • Relaxed environment in Sawidji Gallery
  • Caters to all levels of  musical experience
  • Approximately 2 hours



Learn to Play Balinese Rebab. The Balinese Rebab is like a ‘bowed spiked fiddle’. It is an instrument that accompanies several Balinese gamelan orchestras. Mainly gambuh, semar pegulingan and gong suling.

You can explore Balinese music by learning to play Balinese rebab with an experienced musician. Sawidji is fortunate to have Kadek Sudiasa available to teach with us. He has played the rebab for over 25 years. An experienced artist of Balinese traditional dance and active musician in the Balinese Gamelan orchestra.  Kadek Sudiasa brings a depth of knowledge in the art of playing Rebab. He also has much to teach in many aspects of Balinese Dance and Music as well.

For many years it was difficult to find a skilled Rebab maker and our teacher Kadek has been making the Rebab instrument for over 20 years. Whether you wish to learn seriously the Balinese rebab, or simply to learn something of the Balinese Gamelan a session with Kadek Sudiasa is a wonderful way to start.

The lesson’s duration is approximately 2 hours. Located in Mas Ubud, in Sawidji Studio Gallery. A relaxed informal environment to learn this instrument with an experienced teacher, at your own pace.

Lesson outline:

  • Introduction to the Balinese Rebab
  • Familiarisation with the bow and instrument
  • Techniques that will enable the student to create sound from the Rebab
  • The three-step method was established to learn the Rebab according to your pace and musical experience.

You may also enjoy other programs by Sawidji Gallery such as painting classes and Yoga Theatre workshops with Mas Ruscitadewi.  Explore Art at Sawidji Gallery with our community of artists.


Kadek Sudiasa

Balinese Mask Carving



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