About Tjandra Hutama

A visual designer, photographer and influencer in Bali’s active photography community. Tjandra Hutama’s contributions to photography since 2010 have earned him the trust to lead Bali Photographers Association for two terms. From 2016 – 2022 and is presently a committee member of FPSI (Federasi Perkumpulan Senifoto Indonesia).

Getting to Know Tjandra

The art of photography is how we communicate a message to the viewer about themes and issues that are not easily visible to the majority of the public. We should be able to show that through photography. We have a duty to communicate that to the public.

Tjandra Hutama
Tjandra Hutama Artist Profile Sawidji Art Gallery  Portrait by Dewi Dian Reich


Born in Gianyar in  1981, his interest in visual arts and design led to the study of Visual Communication design at the Institute of Technology Surabaya in 2000. As an out-of-state student from Bali, he worked part-time to support his studies. Jobs involving photography and graphic design began in these early stages. He graduated in 2005 and set out to start his own business in Graphic Design and Digital printing in 2006. His business channel exposed him to many content creators, photographers, writers and artists. Providing a wide network within Balis’ artist community. 

Although Tjandra focused these days on establishing his business, regular involvement in creative projects inspired him to develop his potential through photography. Through involvement with Bali Photographers Association.  During this period of self-development and creative soul-searching Tjandra participated in many photography competitions and exhibitions with many notable awards and titles from 2010.

The calibre of his work and leadership skills consequently earned him the trust of the community to serve as Head of the Bali Photographers’ Association for two terms, from 2016 until 2022. He is still an active member of the Federation Indonesia Photo Art Association.

Exhibitions and Achievements

For a complete list of Tjandra Hutama’s Exhibitions and achievements, click here.

A Conversation with Tjandra Hutama

Were you interested in art from a young age?

“When I was in primary school I did like to paint and I did enter a few competitions. I was able to have a bit of a reputation there as well. In high school, things changed a little as I was more focused on sports as a teenager. I was an athlete in basketball throughout high school and university. You could say my interest left the arts for that period. I returned to art after I finished university when I was no longer so active in sports. However, my studies related to visual arts at university. It is through that that I was able to open and grow a business and meet many artists and photographers. This naturally led me to learn more about art and how I joined the world of photography.”

When you learned photography did you learn manual photography?

“In 2002 I learned photography for one year in university. Already colour photography.. photography already moved into the age of digital.  There was not much exposure to cameras with film and I did not learn inside the dark room. Perhaps you can say we were contaminated with digitalised convenience and didn’t care about the analog process at that age. I only saw it as a means to an end, but I learned to appreciate things.. and learned more about art. From printing, I discovered more about photography, and its science, all from the results of printing.”

What is art to Tjandra Hutama?

“I have minimal background experience in art, my background is more commercial. In graphic design.  My perception of art is what is trending right now. I see art as something that is recycled.. and then it is grown a little but then they take it and reuse it again.”

Sawidji Artist Tjandra Hutama Portrait by Dewi Dian Reich

“From my perception, I think it is more about expressing something, a feeling or experience that we have during the moment that we take a photograph. Showing the feeling when we view something. Looking at something in a unique way.”

Tjandra Hutama

In which photographic genre do you see yourself best situated?

“In addition to my graphic montages, I am enjoying street photography.. because I see boredom in the pictorial. Perhaps we have become desensitised to beauty through so many beautiful pictures. I am kind of sick of that. But it is a reality that moving away from the pictorial is not well received in exhibitions… That is the current climate of trending photography in Bali. In the end, I like street photography.. looking at something from a different perspective. I won’t be disturbed by rejection.. if someone wants to judge it’s good that I don’t mind about that.”

Tjandra Hutama Art Sawidji Gallery

Through montage and digital compositing, Tjandra Hutama explores different philosophical themes. Both his series Ramayana Epic and ‘Rejang, a Beautiful Reminder of Impermanence’ deliver multiple messages that are represented through his montage aesthetic.

Image: Ramayana Epic by Tjandra Hutama

Why Montage? Why Layering?

“I often see visuals that are instant captures,.. without digital manipulation,.. sometimes it feels like it is too flat. Maybe this is also from my graphic background. I wish to add something.. and I also wish to show something of skill in my digital photography. I wish to explore my imagination.. which is freer and wilder. And to bring this into some of my work as a way of exploring something different. It is about learning and growing. And challenging myself.”

Tjandra Hutama Manus Exhibition Sawidji Gallery

Manus, a Conscious Journey

A Sawidji Collaboration. A multi-disciplinary art exhibition from 15th December 2023 to 3rd February 2024. In partnership with Sudekara Art Space. Featuring artists Dibal Ranuh, Made Kaek, ManButur Suantara, Tjandra Hutama and Dian Dewi.

Tjandra Hutama and Niti Mandala Printing

As mentioned by the artist himself, it was through his business that his love of art developed and continued to inspire his creative potential. As a result, Niti Mandala Printing reflects Tjandra’s high regard for fine arts in the quality they deliver. Niti Mandala is trusted as one of the finest photography printers in Bali, Indonesia. Providing personalized service and offering a team of professionals dedicated to giving knowledgeable and specialised care with a wide range of materials and services. From commercial to fine art projects.

Tjandra Hutama Niti Mandala Printing

Niti Mandala Printing

Niti Mandala Printing is located in Jl. Prof Moh Yamin VII No 8 Renon, Denpasar Bali Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia 80235. You can contact them directly at +62821 1943 0629 , +62811 3999 0168 or email info@nitimandala.com

Rejang 011 Tjandra Hutama Art Photography Sawidji Gallery

Rejang a Beautiful Reminder of Impermanence

A series of works by Tjandra Hutama reflecting on the timelessness of beauty and the reality of impermanence.

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