World Without Sound, an Anthology

World Without Sound

An Anthology of Art and Thought with contributions from Putu Suasta, Warih Wisatsana, Made Kaek, Putu Bonuz, Ellen Lane, Made Artawa, Wayan Suastama, Agung Putra, Made Delo Budiarta, Nyoman Handi, Tjandra Hutama, Made Somadita, David Hopkins, Kadek Sudiasa, ManButur Suantara, Sun Rong Fang, Wayan Juniari, Dewi Dian Reich.

World Without Sound, an Anthology...For the past week, Sawidji has collated together a series of artworks and poetry for this special presentation. It is an anthology. This theme of ‘World Without Sound’ was inspired by the wonderful experiences we had in working together with the Sushrusa Deaf School Community. Not simply about raising awareness about those with differences in our community and sign language. Perhaps even more remarkable, is experiencing the reality of the nature of inclusivity. As a powerful value that nurtures a growing collective empathy.

Most art exhibitions have one primary objective and that is to feature and highlight artworks and artists. This is by no means very different. However, perhaps the spirit of which this was put together is a little different. Somewhat experimental that it could not be foreseen what will be the result. We invited those in our community, whether it be social, digital or local to participate in a contemplation. To contemplate the concept of ‘Dunia Tanpa Suara’. This translates to ‘World Without Sound’ (though may also be translated to ‘World without voice’). To contribute to this reflection using a creative piece. Some were shared with us but we did not have ample space to include them.

The Spirit of Inclusivity

Our invitation was done in the spirit of inclusivity. It was not only artists but also other members of the community who felt reflections on this theme were worthwhile. With the time and space, we have available we can only say a heartfelt thank you to everyone. Those whose works and contributions made it possible for us to present this anthology. One for all of our community to enjoy. It is so so very rich with insight and learning. One that is deep with life lessons from all directions of life experiences.

With such personal freedom and intimacy, everyone came to their private message about their imagine ‘World Without Sound’. For each realisation in every individual, it is a lesson of wisdom, empathy or simply of beauty that we can partake in.

World Without Sound, Online Presentation

World Without Sound, an Anthology

Our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who opened themselves and generously shared their time, creations and thoughts with us. We are honoured by the generosity of the talented artists and writers who have come together in this anthology of art and thought, living the very spirit of inclusivity.

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