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Sawidji Comes Home is a celebration of our new home in the historic part of Plawa Denpasar, with a collection of works from our artist collective. A wonderful exposition of dynamic, multi-disciplinary creative voices.

Sawidji Comes Home. The collection of works represented here are the offerings of art from our artist family. With no curation of thematic parameters our exhibition Sawidji Comes Home celebrates the diversity of creative expression and our appreciation of art’s universality.

We celebrate each individual passion, fixation, obsession, compulsion of each artist that is at the core of their creative drive. What compels them to create in this pure and selfless way. As artists we go through such a personal and intimate process, often filled with some form of struggle in the self, only to give birth to the physical form of an idea. This in itself is a wonder, a powerful seed that nourishes arts’ growth.

In seeing each piece, we are seeing an intimate, significant part of each of our friends here in Sawidji. Sawidji Comes Home is opened by the beautifully wise words of Dr. Mas Ruscitadewi, who dedicated this poem to Sawidji.

A True Seed

A seed that grows
In a riot of complete love

A poisonous word
Unusual dance

One soul, thousands of bodies
Incarnate the hope of happiness

The work’s intention is meaningful
Bajra sound padma guna dharma

A piece of myself
United to be
Embedded evidence
let’s share
The earth’s energy is fragrant
From a true holy conscience

Welcome, to the brilliant times, let’s have a toast

Mas Ruscitadewi

The following pieces are presented in the artists alphabetical order.

Untitled, 1994

Untitled by Agus Kama Loedin Sawidji Comes Home Art Exhibition Photography
Untitled, 1994
Agus Kama Loedin
Analogue Archival Photo Paper
45cm x 65cm

This is perhaps a result of my observation of how people view trees. When they walk past, it’s as though they have just walked past an ordinary lamppost. It is as though it is an inanimate object that they dont respect at all. A Tree is breathing and alive.. and a living part of the universe. In ancient times Trees were extremely respected and valued. Many trees are considered sacred.

I try to capture a feeling or to illustrate something that looks at trees differently. So people can’t help but look at it closely again. Perhaps to be closer to trees. This is the bark of a tree, the living skin of a tree.

Agus Loedin

Does Future Form Itself, 2023

Does Future Form Itself, 2023. Agus Kama Loedin. 42cm x 16cm x 52cm

It is talking about the past, present and future. How they correlate with each other. The past and present are formed from the past and present,.. it is a question.

There is a dialogue between the past and the present. It is very important in how it shapes the form.. the actions of the past and present shapes the future.

This work encourages us to think about this, about this relationship of time.

Agus Kama Loedin

Cappucino and Croissants 2023

Dewi Dian Reich Sawidji comes home. Sawidji Gallery
Cappucino and Croissants

Cappucino and Croissants is part of a series that take Topeng Tua across different social and urban landscapes. There are references here to traditional identity, suggested tones of displacement and estrangement. The layers of meaning we can unravel here to reflect upon is truly open ended. You may even find humor here.

Dewi Dian Reich

Embraced, 2023

Embraced, 2023
Dewi Dian Reich
Fine Art Giclee Print
60cm x 100cm

Requiem, 2023

Requiem by Dibal Ranuh Sawidji Comes Home Art Exhibition
Requiem Art Film, 2023. By Dibal Ranuh.

Taking the behavior of beef traders in Bali, who depict the relationship between life and death as a celebration of their equal position. An intense and moving experience is presented, combining elements of the gritty reality of the meat business with touches of deep emotional and spiritual intelligence. Requiem presents a contrast between the daily life of a meat trader and the unique spiritual practices performed to honor the departed.

Dibal Ranuh

Buried Secret, 2023

Buried Secrets Ellen Lane Sawidji Comes Home Art Exhibition
Buried Secrets, 2023
Artist Ellen Lane
Acrylic on Canvas
180cm x 160cm

This is an exploration of intuitive, spontaneous abstract art.

Ellen Lane

In our new home, through our entrance doors, we are greeted by ‘Buried Secrets’ a painting by contemporary American artist Ellen Lane. Whose works explore an intuitive driven process throughout many layers that incorporate mixed media application. Buried Secrets is a painting initiated throughout Ellen Lanes’ Solo Exhibition ‘Glass Doors and Bridges’ which began as a collaborative exploration with our art community. The Woman in the end revealed in Buried Secrets emerged from a process of many layers with imprints of many people still harboured within. 

She Rides a Wooden Horse, 2023

She Rides a Wooden Horse Ellen Lane Sawidji Comes Home Exhibition
She Rides a Wooden Horse, 2023.
Artist Ellen Lane
Acrylic on Canvas
100cm x 85cm

Portrait of Wisdom, 2023

Portrait Kebijaksanaan Gede Juli Sawidji Comes Home Art Exhibition

Portrait Kebijaksanaan (Portrait of Wisdom) 2023.

By Gede Juli, 2023.

Ink Drawing

41cm x 33cm

The story of how we met Gede Juli is in ‘Finding July in September.’

Human Journey, 2023

Human Journey Sujana Suklu Sawidji Comes Home Art Exhibition. Painting by Suklu
Human Journey, 2023
Artist Sujana Suklu
Mixed Media
180cm x 180cm

Birth, process and discovery are the nature of our lives. Human Journey is intended to depict a visual concept about humans in the process of journeying to discover themselves. Many symbolic signs convey it. Ornamnetic artifacts, green flowers and others.


SS434 HZ Molecule, 2023

SS 434 HZ Molecule by Suklu Sawidji Comes Home an Exhibition Art Gallery
SS434 HZ Molecule, 2023
Artist Sujana Suklu
Mixed Media
180cm x 180cm

Listening to music that for us humans is surely something enjoyable. With SS 434 HZ Molecule, this represents the sound that human beings cannot hear. Ants and bats can hear this frequency. I only can imagine visually that SS 434 HZ itself is like many threads that are woven together by the web of a spider. The placement of the sunflower and water lily is symbolic of uniqueness.

Sujana Suklu

Perform, 2023

Perform, 2023. By Sujana Suklu.

Mixed media, 50cm x 50cm.

Perform by Suklu Sawidji Comes Home Art Exhibition Mixed Media Painting

When people are in crowded places or in any public forum, have an awareness of presentation and how they appear. Preparing for a performance on stage will have even more awareness in this regard. There are mysterious aspects to this that we can see we can see personally in the performer. This mystery is very beautiful

Sujana Suklu
Perform II by Sujana Suklu Sawidji Comes Home Art Exhibition

Perform II, 2023. By Sujana Suklu.

Mixed media, 50cm x 50cm.

Hanuman, 2023

Hanuman by Kadek Sudiasa Sawidji Comes Home Art Exhibition
Hanuman Mask, 2023. Kadek Sudiasa.

About the Dancer and the Mask Maker Kadek Sudiasa.

Face Fairytale, 2023

Face Fairytale by Made Kaek Sawidji Comes Home Art Exhibition
Face Fairytale, 2023
By Made Kaek
Mixed Media
100cm x 60cm

Depicting the behaviour of various human characters. This work was born from my contact with various human characters who of course have unique, different psychology from each other, especially their faces.

Made Kaek

Love Fairytale, 2023

Love Fairytale Made Kaek Sawidji Comes Home Art Exhibition
Love Fairytale, 2023
Artist Made Kaek
Mixed Media
60cm x 60cm

Face to Face, 2022

Face to Face Made Somadita Sawidji Comes Home
Face to Face, 2022
Artist Made Somadita
Acrylic on Canvas
60cm x 55cm

‘Human beings have many facets, or as may be often described as having two faces. Between the private face and the public face. ‘Face to Face’ is an effort to encourage reflection to truly know our own faces..’


Rising From the Ashes, 2017

Rise From the Ashes ManButur Photography Sawidji Comes Home Art Exhibition
Rise From the Ashes
ManButur Suantara
2017 Eruption Mount Agung
 Fine Art Giclee Print
120cm x 80cm

Rise From the Ashes uses symbolism through the volcanic eruption whereby a disaster carries two meanings. There is sadness at the beginning, but through sadness, all living creatures will realise that everything must return to the beginning. Life will begin to grow after the effects of the eruption. HOME, is the beginning of human life being raised and taught all the ways to live life and learning to understand life. A HOME is a place where we learn and gather to start a journey.


Respect To Nature, 2023

Respect to Nature Nyolman Handi Sawidji Comes Home Art Exhibition
Respect To Nature, 2023
Artist Nyoman Handi
Acrylic on Canvas
144cm x 89cm

Earth is the place of life for all creatures. In this life, we ​​all depend on nature. Currently, nature has experienced a lot of damage due to many factors that must be limited, such as excessive search for natural resources in various places.
Which has a big impact on life, such as global warming which occurs from year to year.
From that, we all started to protect nature from the smallest things, such as throwing away and sorting organic and non-organic waste. And replanting trees in various places. as a symbol of respect for nature.

Nyoman Handi

Tarian Alam, 2022

Tarian Alam Artist Nyoman Handi Year 2023 Sawidji Comes Home
TariTarian Alam, 2022
Artist Nyoman Handi
Acrylic on Canvas
34cm x 34cman Alam

Kala Sung Sang, 2023

Kala Sung Sang Putu Bonuz Sudiana Sawidji Comes Home Art Exhibition
Kala Sung Sang, 2023
Putu Bonuz Sudiana
Mixed Media
150cm x 80cm

While still in Garba (womb), the feet reach for the sky (Kaki Nyujuh Langit) and the head reaches for Mother Earth (Nyunyuh Pertiwi).

When a human is born, the Head Nyujuh the sky and the Feet Nyujuh Earth.


This is where the unification of Akasha Pertiwi occurs.

And everything happens according to the provisions of the Time or the Khala.

Putu Bonuz Sudiana

Dreaming, 2019

Dreaming I & III, 2019 Shuai Feng. Acrylic on canvas.

Through geometric shapes and deformations of real things, harmonious colour blocks, bubble of fantasy… full of dreamy, child like feelings…

Shuai Feng

My Home My Journey, 2023

My Home My Journey Tjandra Hutama Sawidji Comes Home Art Exhibition
My Home My Journey, 2023
Tjandra Hutama
Fine Art Giclee Print
86cm x 120cm

The living environment and social environment, including the school and community environment, have a very important role in shaping a person’s character and way of thinking. Humans who grow up in an environment with positive values such as honesty, empathy and responsibility tend to internalize these values in their character. Unlimited access to information today has a big influence on patterns and ways of thinking that are more critical and analytical. Awareness of this environmental influence should lead to positive development and strong character in individuals.

Tjandra Hutama

Sunflower, 2023

Sunflower Wayan Suastama Sawidji Comes Home Art Exhibition
SunSunflower, 2023
Artist Wayan Suastama
Acrylic on canvas
Size 150cm x 135cm

In Sunflower, I was inspired by sunflowers, which always looks forward and upwards from sunrise to sunset. It is connected to the concept of my work about “Ka Ulu” which I translate as head or the beginning… Well, this is the connection I understand that social life and natural harmony should always be maintained. The order that is the beginning or Ulu which will become history. This can be understood as the ancestral and cultural order or kawitan which is still maintained to this day even when exposed to natural conditions.

Wayan Suastama

From Private Collections

Artwork of Made Budiana From the private collection of Putu Suasta
Untitled, 2001. Made Budiana. Private collection of Putu Suasta.

Wood Carvings by Wayan ‘Kak Serimben’ Kumpul, 2022. Private collection of Sawidji Gallery.

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