Human Journey by Sujana Suklu


  • Human Journey
  • Artist Sujana Suklu
  • Year 2023
  • Mixed Media
  • 180cm x 180cm

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Human Journey by Sujana Suklu, Mixed Media, 2023.

Human Journey is a new piece by Sujana Suklu for the first time shown in Sawidji Comes Home, an Exhibition.

Birth, process and discovery are the nature of our lives. Human Journey is intended to depict a visual concept about humans in the process of journeying to discover themselves. Many symbolic signs convey it. Ornamnetic artifacts, green flowers and others.


About the Artist

Sujana Suklu is known as a progressive thinker of contemporary art in Bali. With a pioneering vision that reflects a universal philosophy. Sujana Suklus’ contributions are vast in scope, encompassing multi-disciplinary fields within fine arts, academic and community platforms. Suklus’ academic research explores ways to bring art methodologies into communities, preserving local wisdom whilst expanding existing skill sets. The beauty of this research is that it has been applied and is actively growing in communities today.

Suklus’ explorations into collaborative and conceptual art development range from personal development as well to larger orchestrations such as experimental international art festivals. You may enjoy learning more about the Nungkalik International Art Festival.

Explore more works by Sujana Suklu in our online gallery. Explore Suklu Collection.

Sujana Suklu

Awang #4 by Suklu

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Dimensions 180 × 180 × 10 cm


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