About ManButur Suantara

ManButur Suantara is a Fine Art Photographer. An artist, teacher and mentor in the Industry for over a decade his contributions into the many genres of photography is vast. His love for Nature does not only inspire his art but also his environmental and wildlife documentation projects. Considerable in scope and dedication as his way of giving back to Mother Nature.

ManButur Suantara, Fine Art Photographer. Sawidji Manbutur Fine Art Photography.

I have always liked photography.. I often think to myself, ‘how do these people capture these really good images,.how do they make an image so beautiful?

I never really knew that much about particular photographers, there was no particular name that was my inspiration. It has always been simply the image… ‘

ManButur Suantara

Born in Amlapura, a small town in the east part of Bali Island. ManButur Suantara is a freelance photographer with a strong passion for Landscape Photography. For years now he has explored Nature scapes through extensive travel.

Besides Landscape Photography, Nyoman has been for many years active in different areas of Commercial Photography as well. A veteran of several genres including architectural, food, events as well as macro photography.

Bali is Nyoman’s home base. With its rich natural beauty and culture. Providing Nyoman with ample themes in which his Landscape and Cultural Photography can truly be seen for its artistic depth.

ManButur Suantara is also associated with MY TRIP INDONESIA. Through this project he actively travels to many parts of Indonesia. Providing training and mentoring for clients who wish to learn Photography with a more customised and tailored personal program.

  1. Juara 2 Photo Kontest F & B Photography  26,Juni 2011 in Uma Restaurant, 

Bali Safari & Marine Park

  1. Juara 3 Lomba Foto  / Vi Ai Pi / Bikini Models Night. / Legian-Kuta – Bali.8 Desember 2011
  2. Pameran Bersama “Photo Exhibition Bali KUTABEX” 22-24th June 2012 by Insomania / Photo    that show cased: SUNSET OVER BATU BOLONG TEMPLE
  3. Pameran Bersama  “Sanur Village Festival VI” The New Spirit Of Heritage / theme: Flower Fiesta 18-22 November 2011 / Photo “JUST FOR YOU”
  4. Pameran Bersama  “Sanur Village Festival VII” – Salampah Laku / theme:

Salampah Dancer 23 September  – 7 Oktober 2012. / Photo: THE SPIRIT OF LEGONG.

  1. Pameran Bersama “Denpasar Festival 2012” / Photo “MORNING ACTIVITY”
  2. Juara #2 “2 Seni Di Dalam 1 Lokasi ” in Blanco Museum, Ubud Bali.
  3. Pameran Bersama Bali Landscaper di Hotel CONRAD -Bali – Nusa Dua – Bali.
  4. FInalis 60 Besar Harris Photo Kompetisi  Black And White Harris Hotel Photo Competition “Simple – Unique – Friendly. JIMBARAN by HARRIS HILL HOTEL – Bali.
  5. Narasumber  / Basic Landscape photography “SUNPHORIA 2013 ” by STIKOM – BALI. 

January 5 to 6 2013.

  1. Juri Landacape Photo Contest ” SUNPHORIA ” at STIKOM – Denpasar Bali – 6 January 2013.
  2. Mata Lensa / Tv series tentang Photography bersama host Mario Blanco
    1. Dua seni dalam Satu Lokasi
    2. Rajapala.
    3. Melis / Melasti – Pura Desa Kapal – Tabanan 
    4. Ngaben (mother of Mario Blanco / Nyi Rondji.)
    5. Pandan war / Geret Pandan / perang pandan – Tenganan Pegringsingan.
  3. Juara 1 Photo Model contest “Anniversary Perhimpunan Fotographer Bali / PFB / Bali Photographer   Hunting & Gathering di Danau Tamblingan, 19 Mei 2013
  4. Kurator dan Peserta Pamera Bersama 1st Anniversary Obrolan Orang Foto / OOF at Studio 7. Pada tgl September 14 – 29 September 2013 / Landscape Photo: ONE BY ONE.
  5. Pameran Bersama “Sanur Village Festival VIII”. Theme: Segara Giri / landscape / Photo exhibited “I WILL ALWAYS REMMENBER YOU”.  22September – 10 Oktober 2013.
  6. Pameran Bersama “Macro – Beautiful Small World / 2nd Anniversary Bali Macro Photographer Community  (BMPC )di Warung D’Tunjung – Denpasar. / Photo” THE ADVENTURE OF LADY(BUG)”
  7. Jury Photo Contest “EKO WISATA BALI / hunting and competition photo 
  8. Juri Lomba Photo “MANGGROVE EKOWISATA 2013 TUBAN ” 21 September 2013.
  9. Pameran Bersama – Bali Menari di Warung D’Tunjung.  10 November  
  10. Pameran Bersama Taman Ayun 12 December 2013 .Photo that show cased “BARONG DA RANGDA. 
  11. Juri Lomba Foto Denpasar Festival “MORNING OF THE WORLD” 2013 / 7 December  ,2013.
  12. Pameran Bersama  di “Denpasar Festival – MORNING OF THE WORLD”.   
  13. Pameran Bersama Barisan Puspa Pada Prosesi Memukur Di Pantai Matahari Terbit – Sanur ” 28 December till 1 januari 2014.
  14. Pameran Bersama  ” Bali Macro Photographer Community” di Butterfly Park – Tabanan – Bali . 
  15. Juara 1 Lomba Foto  BALI BIKE FEST II sept 26th 2014 .
  16. Kontributor Master Class for COLOUR Magazine / Garuda flight Magazine edisi June 2015.
  1. Juri dan Narasumber Lomba Foto  LANDSCAPE di POLITENIK NEGERI BALI UDAYANA 

bukit Jimbaran.6 Juli 2015. 

  1. Pameran Bersama Sanur Viilage Festival 10th at GRIYA SANTRIAN GALLERY. Them “SUCI” 21st August – 5 Sept 2015. Photo ” DANCE WITH MY SOUL “
  2. HAIDA FILTER Ambasador .
  3. Juri Lomba Photo PKB (Bali Art Festival) 2017. 
  4. Talk show di PKBBali Art Festival 2017. 
  5. Juri Lomba Foto Denpasar Festival ” JOYFUL DENPASAR ” 2017.
  6. Pameran Bersama Tirtagangga Festival – MENARI BERSAMA JIWA. 24th -26th August 2017.
  7. Pameran Bersama  Komunitas Photographer Karangasem (KPK) at Taman Ujung Festival 2018.
  8. Pameran Bersama Sanur Village Festival 2018 at Griya Santrian Gallery ” MANDALA GIRI “
  9. Sony Alpha Guru di Sony Indonesia (start 2 mei 2018 – june 2020).
  10. Narasumber Workshop Sony Festival Agustus 2018 di Jakarta ” INDONESIAN CULTURE “.
  11. Juri Lomba Photography ” Hut Kota Amlapura ” TRI HITA KARANA ” Juni 2018.
  12. Workshop sponsor by Sony 25 Sept 2018 di Kementerian Pariwisata – Jakarta ” 


  1. Workshop sponsor by Sony di Bursa Kamera – Semarang / 10 januari 2019


  1. Narasumber (photography) dalam acara Workshop Pasar Tani Kreatif di Puri Gede – Karangasem “

Bagaimana Photography Bisa Menunjang Pasar Tani Kreatif “.

  1. Juri Photography Kontes di SMA 2 Kab.Klungkung 19 Januari 2019 ” REGENERASI BUDAYA”.
  2. Juri Photo contest LOMBA SELFIE PEMILU Kab. Karangasem.
  3. Narasumber ” Landscape Photography dalam Lensa Universitas STIKI Denpasar 15 juni 2019.
  4. Join The Exhibiton KPK ( Komunitas Photographer Karangasem ) Ulang Tahun Kota Karangasem. Juni 2019.
  5. Juri lomba Photo Ulang Tahun Kota Amlapura. ” PESONA HARI JADI AMLAPURA KE 379″ Juni 2019.
  6. Join the Exhibition Sanur Village Festival 14, 18 agust – 6 sept 2019 Tema BAMBU (Dharmaning Gesing). 
  7. Juri Lomba Photography BIKA FEST 2019 Kab. Bangli. 2 september 2019.
  8. Juara 3  Photography Contest – Nusa Penida Festival – The Blue Paradise Island. November 2019.
  9. Juri Lomba photo Festival Tani – Taman Ujung 2019.
  10. Juri Lomba Foto ” Festival Kato Lampo 2019 ” 28 desember 2019.
  11. Juri Photography Kontes The MENZEL – UBUD 17 Agustus 2020.
  12. Juri Video BIMAS HINDU “PEMUDA HINDU BANGKIT DAN BERKARYA “dalam rangka Hari Sumpah Pemuda,27 Oktober 2020. 
  13. Juri Lomba Photo TANAMAS VILLA – Ubud, Gianyar Bali 23 Oktober 2020.
  14. Narasumber Online Workshop dengan BIMAS HINDU, Tema “TEKNIK FOTO BERCERITA” 20 APRIL 2021.
  15. Narasumber sebagai Dosen Tamu di Kampus ISI Denpasar. 12 dan 19 Juli 202. Tema : NATURE.
  16. Juri Lomba Photo “EXPLORING BANGLI” 19 Desember 2021.
Upcoming Projects

Environmental Wildlife Project mostly with the documentation of bird species which are found in Bali. Either they are endemic or migrating birds, Nyoman is contributing significant time to explore and capture images of them in their habitat as record for their species.

Manbutur and Sawidji have come together in wonderful initiative within Sawidji Studio. This project is exciting. Upcoming:

  • Collaborative Fine Art Photography Projects and Exhibitions together with Dewi Dian and Kaprus Jaya
  • Scheduled workshops and training programs
  • With a focus on education towards Nature, Art and Culture.

Photography, a Conversation

How did it all start, this life as a photographer?

I have been a photographer from the time photography was still analog. Actually, for a time I stopped because I had no camera… and started again by helping out a neighbour document a few things with a film camera. Eventually I bought my own DSLR camera in 2009 and that’s when it really began. 

What kind of photography do you truly enjoy?

Landscape but the first time I had a camera I tried for many weeks,.. I had some difficulty with technical issues/exposures etc. A landscape on the wide screen is beautiful..

ManButur Suantara

on macro

Sometimes you just see only what you’re familiar with and you don’t recognise anything special in it. In Bali there are rice terraces everywhere, you might not see the beauty in it anymore…

Until you cut it and get it into a frame… almost the same as the macro.. you don’t really pay attention to the small things until it is in the framed image. When you take a good photograph with really good technical precision. It may be as close to a perfect image of what you see.. Then you see the beauty of it…

ManButur Suantara

As time goes by, I experience different things through the journey of photography. Gathering with friends and there is also flows and trends. You join with your friends, for a time I did portrait photography. but looking back, I didn’t really see where I was going at that time.. I worked with people and portrait photography. But personally, I did not really see the point of people photography, so I returned back to landscape.. to Nature and Landscape Photography. ~ ManButur Suantara

Artist Profile Sawidji Gallery
on Black and White Photography..

The more I explored, the deeper I got into photography…I don’t know how to describe.. It was my own thoughts, my own questions when I looked at many black and white images ‘which one is good and which one is not in black and white?’ 

What makes a particular photograph ART? You can say that the good photograph is good for the client and then there is good for yourself. You can not say that its good for everyone, that is not always possible. When its good for the client, this is when you meet and fill their needs and expectations. A job well done. But in this case you might not be meeting or filling your own creative needs.

View Black and White Gallery

How do you feel about the effects of technology and the fast pace at which it is changing and impacting the art of photography?

I simply see that your tools are expanding. Which allows you to expand your art. The question of ‘art’ in photography, every individual will have a different conclusion of what that is. If you want to create art just create. Your medium, your process is what can expand wider and wider.

If you’re talking about pure photography.. you just have to let time do its job, pure photography is simply about taking a picture of a moment. You take the photograph of the moment because time just flies, immediately after capture, that moment is gone.

ManButur Suantara

Explore other features on ManButur Suantara’s works.

I Hear You Tree
I Hear You Tree

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