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Nyoman Handi Yasa is a contemporary Balinese artist whose art explores environmental and social themes on canvas and mixed media platforms. His influences are derived strongly from primitive art as well as contemporary narrative styles. The result is a gorgeous fusion of new-generation social consciousness spoken through a visual language that echoes our ancient beginnings.

The most important thing from art is that we can communicate message from our work and our work can be recognised that it is the artists work. That people can understand and receive the message into the community

Nyoman Handi

Nyoman Handi Background

Nyoman Handi Sawidji Artist Profile

Born in Buleleng in 1990 Handi has loved to draw from a very young age. Having been born and raised in a part of Bali where art does not hold a significant role in the community, his love for art grew in a rather unsupported and independent way. There was not much in the way of technical training or guidance in those early years.

I enjoyed drawing since I was small. We use to draw in the dirt or graffitti with chalk.. on fences and walls.. In my notebooks it was always full of drawings..  . There the community is not very  art orientated.. I was just free to do as I like without any guidance.


Handis’ love for art continued into high school. By this time there were a number of competitions on a local level that he would participate in. During secondary school, he started to receive some guidance and learned a little about traditional Balinese painting styles from his teachers. Until the decision was made to pursue a tertiary education in Fine Arts.

Fate, Diligence and Hard Work

Entering the University of Fine Art on a scholarship is even something of a surprise fro Handi. As he had no intention to pursue a tertiary education when he encountered a brochure in the trash for the Art Academy. Through a number of serendipitous events Handi found himself far from home studying in the city whilst working in construction to meet living costs during his studies.

Perhaps akin to going to the city from the country another challenge that he faced is having a little of a handicap. Having had no technical training he was up against a majority of students who had already studied art for several years in prep school prior to university.

A little bit of an underdog.. but the tenacity and discipline that Handi showed is something quite remarkable. Many in the academy did not pass and graduate whilst Handi graduated within 4 years, considered early by academy standards. Despite not being able to ‘draw and paint’ with the same expertise as most of his classmates he graduated with special honors from his unique mix media pieces.

Themes and Inspirations

From the process of making art I remember.. at the beach collecting washed-up pieces of wood..a lot of broken pieces of wood that wash up I used to wonder are they from Bali or from outside of Bali.. where is this wood coming from? so much was thrown away maybe even in the rivers. I see from this already, that there is a lot of damage .. we have caused so much damage already..

Sawidji Artist Profile Nyoman Handi

Widayat..Picasso.Van Gogh and Renoir..when I look at their works I think ‘ how did they get there.. what influenced them to get their works there to that point?.. in those times.. we only had traditional paintings so seeing something so different left quite an impression on me..

Handi, on his early influences

Nyoman Handi Exhibition Portfolio

  • Solo Exhibition “Dance Of Sheet Of Life“ PDKK Art Space.Denpasar-Bali 2020
  • “HARVEST STUDY” at the Bali Museum. 2010
  • “EXSPRESSION ART EXHIBITION” Utak-Utik Gallery, Mas Ubud-Bali. 2011
  • “DIES NATALIST ISI DENPASAR” Indonesian Art Institute Denpasar-Bali. 2012
  • “INDAS” CONTENTS Denpasar-Bali. 2012
  • “EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT” Indonesian Art Institute Denpasar-Bali. 2013
  • “EXISTS” CONTENTS Denpasar-Bali. 2013
  • “INDONESIA-TAILAND“ CONTENT Denpasar-Bali. 2013
  • “ORIGAMI IV“ Art Center-Bali. 2013
  • The Hut Group “ENERGY PERTIKEL” Maha Art Gallery. Denpasar-Bali 2014
  • Together with 6 campuses “ART CONCORTIUM, SIX STANDARD COLOR ” Wilwatikta-Surabaya College of Arts 2014
  • “SILHOUETTE OF LIFE” Bentara Budaya Bali 2014
  • “ XIII Denpasar ISI Graduation Anniversary“ at ISI DPSR. 2014
  • “IMAGINATION LINE” Six Points. Sanur-Bali. 2015
  • “DIARY 27” Museum of Fingerprint Painting. Denpasar Bali. 2015
  • “Water & Soil” Cultural Park (Art Center) Denpasar Bali. 2016.  “Art and Literature” Gallery Literature. Madison City. 2017
  • “Reinterpreting Culture #3” Denpasar Art Space. Dpsr Bali, 2017
  • “CAMPUHAN RASA ” Denpasar Art Space. DenpasarBali, 2018
  • “Art Adventurer“ Jeju Island, South Korea. 2019
  • “Pieces For Friends“ Art. J. House. BadungBali. 2020
  • “Stale Energy” Niki Gallery Literature. Mr. Ubud. 2021  “Haemoni Dialogue” Kulidan Art Space. Sukawati, Gianyar Bali 2022

Look forward to seeing the work of Nyoman Handi as part of Collaborative Exhibition at Sawidji.

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