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Shuai Feng is an artist residing in Bali. A freediver, a painter and traveller. An anthropologist and writer. Strong and vulnerable, open and at the same time private. The juxtapositions of extremes that have taken form in her life have translated just as powerfully into her art.

Having lived for a long time in an area where gods are prosperous, I have come into contact with and learned about many religions, temples, murals, animistic tribes, shamans, and stories of gods…as an Anthropologist. I am an atheist and feel that these interesting lives are full of magical realism.

Shuai Feng


Born in Chongqing, China ,1984. Shuai Feng grew up as an only child in a harmonious, traditional Chinese family. In her own words, her parents did not interfere very much in her life and there was very little in-depth communication with them. She grew up freely, cheerful and bold. Nevertheless despite this, Shuai did not feel a sense of belonging or familiarity with her birthplace.

This sense of displacement fuelled an adventurous spirit. She has travelled many foreign lands in search of a place that fills this sense of belonging. A place to call home. The search for home in foreign places perhaps encouraged the life of a freelancer. Shuai worked in different fields, and they are primarily in media and travel. As a journalist and magazine editor. A writer and photographer. She was also a writer for Lonely Planet.

Travelling Widely and Bravely

In the past 15 years Shuai Feng has lived in Tibet, India, Indonesia. Spending much of her time researching and writing. She started painting in 2016. Whilst working full-time in Beijing, there was a growing sense of self-denial, she began to paint quite spontaneously. And consistent with her adventurous spirit, she moved to Bali to create paintings.

Painting came about spontaneously into the life of this artist. This urge came maybe because the creativity that started to gather is so strong that it began to overflow. It was not able to be contained. This strong surge of energy, of adventure and individuality is a core fuel in the artist within Shuai Feng. Painting is a necessity to translate the surging energy of the rich subconscious world she is experiencing. Allowing the freedom to express without boundaries the world she is living in.

Themes and Inspirations

I like exotic customs, and my life is in a state of instability all the year round. I like a life of spontaneity and even a little bit of danger.

Shuai Feng

Shuai Feng is deeply drawn to natural elements. Her art expresses the bold and wonderful shapes and forms in Nature that echo the beauty of wild animals, plants and insects.She experiences her world not only through her conscious experiences but through her dream world.

I have had many incredible dreams. I like to record dreams. I find that my dreams are forward-looking and full of symbolic elements.

Shuai Feng
Shuai Feng Artist Profile Sawidji Gallery

Shuai Feng, Artist Bali.

The indelible marks of emotional bonds take a strong role in Shuais’ subconscious narratives.

Be bold and open to my own life.  Painting is  the most suitable way of expression for me so far , and it is closely integrated with my experiences, dreams and inner strength.

Shuai Feng

“Truth Be Told.. Imaginary Doubts” Solo Exhibition at Sawidji Gallery

Sawidji met Shuai Feng through a mutual friend film director Joo Peter in early 2022. With growing regularity in communications more collaborations have begun, including the exhibition ‘Truth Be Told..Imaginary Doubts.’

Featuring in large part Shuais’ watercolour works and a series of portraits. Exploring realities that connect our worldly experience through our emotional and subconscious selves.

Sawidji Gallery Exhibition Shuai Feng

Shuai Feng sat as model for artist Kaprus Jaya in his Intuitive Portrait Series. During the time of his exhibition ‘More than a Likeness’

  • An Insightful Contradiction of Art and Law.. Made Kaek
    The enchanting dimensionality in the art and life of Made Kaek.
  • Dancing Memories of Wayang Wong
    Shared memories of the mysterious nature of a unique ancient tradition. The Wayang Wong of Pura Taman Pule.
  • Awaiting Hanuman
    The Living Masks of Bali. Hanuman, a mask in progress. A look into the making of the mask of Hanuman and our love of a cherished symbol of devotion.
  • A Bridge To Self, Painting a Meditation
    Explores the similar fates we have designated to works of art as we do ourselves. Perhaps the reason that art can be a healing path back to the self.
  • The Subtleties of Topeng Keras
    Explores what lies within the character of ‘Topeng Keras’. One of the sacred Masks that appear in Topeng Babad. Amongst Bali’s oldest and most sacred Dance Mask Rituals.
  • Kala and the Guardians, a Timely Reflection
    Reflecting on the nature of Time. Our relationship to the Earth and Spirit through a conceptual journey. A collaborative exhibition with the works of Dewi Dian, ManButur Suantara, Nyoman Handi and Kaprus Jaya.
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