About Dewi Dian Reich

Multi-media artist, writer and founder of Sawidji Artist Collective, Gallery and Studio.

Dewi Dian Reich Sawidji Gallery

“There is a magical quality in the energy one finds amongst each other, when a group comes together with a shared purpose. Relationships built on this foundation of helping and supporting each other to grow is the foundation on which our community is formed.” Dewi Dian Reich


Dewi Dian Reich was born in Sydney Australia. Dian grew up mainly with her Grandmother and aunts in Indonesia until eight years of age. Continuing her secondary and tertiary education in Australia. She has a deep love for art, history and the traditions in her Indonesian heritage. Bali has been her home for nearly 20 years.


A graduate of the Australian National Art School in Bachelor of Fine Arts. Majoring in Photography. She studied extensively in painting and photography disciplines with emphasis on art history and theory. She was a student at the Julian Ashton Art School from 1992. Undertook post graduate studies in Digital Media, Linguistics and Asian Studies.

Dewi Dian Reich Portfolio

Dewi Dian has exhibited with the Australian Centre of Photography, National Art School and AAAA Gallery, with her photography. From mid 2008 she is actively working in Digital Development, CRM and Business Solutions, including Lean Methodology and practice. Her return to her artistic beginnings is a source of joy and is grateful that her other work experience can serve in some way to bring about the formation of Sawidji Artist Collective and its initiatives.

Sawidji Exhibitions and Collaborations

  • World Without Sound, an Anthology March 2023
  • Glass Doors and Bridges with Ellen Lane, Solo Exhibition February 2023
  • Kala and the Guardians, a Sawidji Collaboration December 2022
  • Truth Be Told with Shuai Feng, Solo Exhibition October 2022
  • Red Chair and the White Room, a Sawidji Collaboration August 2022
  • More Than a Likeness with Ketut Jaya, July 2022
  • Gusti Putu Sana, a Retrospective, April 2022
  • Social Animals with Komang Suardiana, February 2022
  • Sacred Home, A Group Exhibition November 2021

Dewi Dian Reich Upcoming Projects

Dewi Dian is focused on the ongoing development of Sawidji Artist Collective and Gallery. The economic changes brought about by the Covid Pandemic to Bali was a catalyst. There was already a need to reassess the conditions affecting the integrity of Balinese Traditional Arts. Which is never separate from the intricacies of the culture itself. Whilst Sawidji explores these themes we simply wish to celebrate the talents, community and the Nature that we are blessed with.

See whats on at Sawidji.

In 2022 Dewi Dian Reich with Sawidji and Manbutur Suantara have begun a wonderful new initiative. Sawidji Fine Art Photography Studio. This is truly an exciting time. Looking forward to the developments of our upcoming programs and joint works in Sawidji Studio.

Articles and works by Dewi Dian Reich

As a primary contributor Dewi Dian writes for Sawidji Articles. Exploring issues in contemporary art and culture as well as dedications to Nature in our beautiful island home. For her fine art photography work visit Sawidjistudio.com.

Collaborations and Exhibitions by Dewi Dian Reich include Red Chair and the White Room, Kala & the Guardians and World Without Sound.

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