Kala and the Guardians

Reflecting on the nature of Time and our relationship to the Earth and Spirit through a conceptual journey.
A collaborative exhibition with the works of Dewi Dian, ManButur Suantara, Nyoman Handi.

A Timely Reflection.. Coming to the end of the year we have prepared our second Sawidji Collaboration. Kala and the Guardians. For those of you who have been following our work, you may be aware that Sawidjis’ purpose through our collaborations is to create experiences that connect us. With the purpose of inviting reflection and dialogue. Where our creativity and art can serve as a bridge. Connecting each other. To inspire us towards better understanding and empathy in our relationship to Nature, Spirit and our community.

Online Exhibition Guide

Our online Exhibition guide is available. Join us on our journey of reflection into the world of our Guardians as they weather humanity.

Kala and the Guardians conceptualise an abstract idea. The primary themes that we explore here are Kala, Earth and Spirit. In and of themselves, their nature. In addition to seeing these three entities separately, the threading of them together in this collaboration is to ask you to explore your relationship to each of these elements.

Kala, Earth and Spirit

Kala is known to come with many definitions. Among these are time, death, performing arts, and specific deities in Hinduism, Javanese and Balinese mythologies. Yet, despite the many origin stories, there is a connecting thread that Kala is all of those manifestations. However, in this Collaboration, Kala is our canvas. Here Kala is defined specifically through her manifestation as TIME. Of the three characters that we introduce, Kala is the faceless one. She is not represented as a portrait, or in a painting. Yet, she is present in them and in a significant way. That is also part of our display and exploration of Time. Part of the reflections in which we invite you to contemplate.

How different art mediums reinforce the message..

Kala is experienced through the conceptual portraits of the two Guardians representing our Earthly World and our Spiritual World. The portraits of the Guardians of Earth and Spirit were created through a combination of installations and the photography of Dewi Dian and ManButur Suantara. The paintings of Nyoman Handi respond to the questions and reflections raised by the Guardian portraits.

Collaboration, More Than Just a Word

All the mediums present in this collaboration bring very different qualities. We lead with our photography. However, the photographic works are actually partners to installation pieces. Installation pieces that we created together as a team. The making of the costumes and studio installations together as a team is truly at the heart of each of our collaborations. A seed of an idea may be singular, but as it germinates and grows, all the contributing elements are what make it possible for it to flourish and blossom. Much the same for Sawidji Collaborations.

The artists that come together agree on the message. We feel the same about the message. It resonates in each of us. With this trust and agreement, we move together throughout the day and create together, the best embodiment of our concept. There is in fact a lot of freedom. A lot of room for each person to spontaneously make changes and try new things. There is no shortcut to the process. Our work is a result of going through a growth and maturing process for each concept, and this is done together.

Art is a Bridge

Sawidji works towards a vision of creating true connections and raising awareness through art. Art is our gratitude and our offering. Each collaboration we experience is some of the biggest gifts to us. We hope to share the same experience with you. Join us through our reflections of Kala and the Guardians.

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