An Interview with a Master Framer.

Delo , Master Framer… A fundamental key partnership between traditional forms of art such as paintings, is that of the frame that carries it. We value the partnership between our art and the frame that makes it whole. I Made Budiarta, mostly known by many as DELO, is a unique and exceptional partner for Sawidji.

A graduate of Seni Rupa (Fine Art Studies), a painter and carver himself, the frames that DELO supplies for Sawidji Gallery are as much part of our work as the work we do ourselves. We sat down with Delo in an informal interview for his profile with us at Sawidji Gallery. We have recounted that interview in his own words below.

Delo Master Framer

I Made Budiarta, better known as Delo is a second generation framer. A painter, a carver and framer, his experience, philosophy and groundedness is an amazing partnership for Sawidji Gallery to have.

Delo on his Childhood..

My childhood years were spent in Tegalalang, Gianyar. Many things happened there that made me stronger. From when I was 1o years old, I had started to work with my hands, to make something so that I could earn a living. When in fact, many children the same age, were too busy playing, enjoying their freedom. I was not pushed to work so young by my parents, it was merely my own desire to learn something, to acquire a skill.

From the age of 6, I already learned to paint in the traditional method. But painters lived far away from home. In order to find a teacher, I would walk 3km each way. There was no transport at that time. We had to cross large rivers to get to where we wanted to go.

Soon, my parents would move to Denpasar for work. I was alone in the village. When I completed Middle School, I followed on to Denpasar in pursuit of a higher formal education. In Denpasar, my father had already started a framing business. There, I would often help out in my fathers’ framing workshop after school. Simply put,, when my father passed away, It makes sense that I would continue the legacy and carry on toy father’s business.

Delo, Master Framer, on his Career

Before things really started, there were already many challenges and learning curves. From having to use manual methods, to learning new equipment and technology. From using only local materials to later importing different materials. In the end, I can do all types of frames now.

A Mentoring Approach

Since the beginning of my career, there are many of my staff that have since set out on their own and opened up their own independent businesses. I can not much by way of material things, but I can give knowledge, a skill, to my team, that can support them in life. To see them branch out on their own, without having to depend on me, that makes me happy.

An Artist and a Framer

I was trained in Seni Rupa (Fine Arts). I am a traditional painter and Wood Carver. I still paint when I have time and still carve also. I use to do my own carvings on the frames, back in the early days. I never used to source out to anyone else. Maybe its age, but now the eyes struggle to do that work for a long period of time.

A Secret to Success?

Any success I have received is not removed from the support behind me of a beautiful woman, my wife. Who have supported and been my companion throughout our journey from 2004 until today, devoted and steadfast, throughout the ups and the downs.

I Made Budiarta…. DELO?

Delo is a name that my Great Grandparents gave me. I don’t actually know why they gave me that name, or how it came about. But its the name that stuck and the name that everybody remembers.

Delo Framing is now an established name, with 3 branches in Denpasar. He has been heading this business since 2000, following on from his father’s pioneering. In his spare time, Delo is still a keen traditional artist and wood carver. Sawidji came to know of Delo through his family’s long standing friendship with our own I Dewa Ketut Oka. Through this introduction, Sawidji Gallery appreciates the support and care Delo provides to our projects. Having our works in his very capable and discerning care, is of indispensable value to Sawidji.

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  1. Hi. I heard about Budiarta or DELO a lot of times and even saw an image of the artwork online. But I never had a chance to get to know about the creator of it. So, I’m thankful for this post. This interview is informative and inspirational. I love paintings and different artworks, and knowing the story of the painters, sculptors, and other artists made me appreciate art pieces even more. His story is very inspirational. Hopefully, there will be more articles about him.

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