A Season in Sawidji, a Team Update

A Season in Sawidji gives a recap of the past couple of months here at Sawidji Gallery. Most likely I am not the first person to say how quickly time has gone. Before we know it, we are nearing the end of November and already greeted with the signs of the coming Christmas Season. I gather this from my time outside of Bali. In many areas of the world, November is practically already coated in Christmas icing. Everywhere you go there would be reminders that Christmas is coming.

What I wished to share here is a little update on what is going on inside Sawidji with the rush of the end of year coming at full speed. Though we have been quiet on the Gallery Blog, it is not for lack of activity. Just the opposite. Our team are working on many projects, all of which I feel are exciting.

All in good time..

However, one thing you learn in Bali, is not to go against the flow of things. Don’t rush things. And incidentally, Galungan and Kuningan celebration has just come and gone. This is the biggest Holy Celebratiosn in the Balinese Calendar. When Galungan and Kuningan arrives, the whole island is united in its singular focus. The preparation for this ceremony is not something you can do in one or two days. Whole villages spend often a month prior to prepare. All of which then comes together in a wonderful season of gratitude, offering and celebration. It is probably fair to say that there is different energy about this time.

At Sawidji, we are also experiencing this type of build up. The Gallery as a small community is getting a firmer footing. The team moving together far more fluidly. Our ideas are taking their first tangible forms. Our inspirations have a clear direction and gathering momentum.


Whilst everyone is heading towards their Christmas Season, Sawidji is heading towards the end of our first year. Our first exhibition room that is open to the public is opening at the end of this month, along with our shop.We are truly hoping to show some of the first fruits of our labour for this holiday season.

I am proud of our team, our colleagues, our friends. They have faced many challenges and changes this year. Despite that, they welcome the opportunity to put their burdens aside and give the best of themselves into Sawidji. Into learning a new things. Opening up and taking risks to do things that are unfamiliar.

Location Set Up

We have prepared our Gallery garden. It is in the centre courtyard of our space and is the backdrop of our artist Dewa Ketut Oka’s paintings. This central courtyard is our greeting room and where we wish to reflect nature’s abundance and fruitfulness. Getting the exhibition room ready for our first presentation that will be open for public visits. Our shop and boutique is also coming along.

What the Artists are Working on..

Whilst the practical preparations are happening to get Sawidji Gallery ready not just online but open to public, our primary programmes are still going. Our artists each have each the creative project that they are focused on and we have group collaborations that is a big part of what Sawidji is about.

Dewa Artha and Dewa Ketut Oka are in the studio in between other joint tasks and working on their respective works. One of the things I enjoy the most, is seeing this practice continue and fortunate enough to have each day unveil something wonderful.

Another incredible talent we are fortunate to have is the raw untempered beauty and wisdom of Grandfather Serimben’s carvings. Our Grandfather Serimben works on his projects at his home, carving old legends into wood and teaching us all more than a little about the old wisdoms. We will have more on the works by Grandfather Serimben in the upcoming weeks.

And amongst our talented wood sculptors and carvers, Ketut Sukerta is working on a very special collaborative project with Sawidji. We will be looking forward to the unveiling of that piece. Whilst Ketut Dana has a couple of gorgeous pieces as well that is nearly ready for unveiling. In the interim, he has helped with the finishing touches of Grandfather Serimben’s carvings. Due to Grandfather’s vision not being as sharp as years ago, Ketut is helping with some clean up on some of these pretty big pieces..

Getting out and taking a break..in other words..Photography Workshops!

A Season in Sawidji

Sawidji in the old Javanese language means ‘United’. The past season in Sawidji has been about this. About unity. Working towards something together and learning along the way. We can plan and prepare for many things, but the eventuality, the reality that manifests often still surprises. In a wonderful way.

Thank you again to everyone, for all the gifts they share, in Sawidji.


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