On August 17th 2022 we introduced Red Chair and the White Room, a Collaboration. Art Exhibition in Sawidji Gallery throughout August and September 2022. This is Part II of our presentation. If you haven’t seen the first one make sure to visit the Exhibition Guide in English or Bahasa Indonesia before or after you watch the Red Chair and the White Room Part II short video.

Red Chair and the White Room Part II short film. Collaboration with the photography of Dewi Dian, ManButur Suantara and costumes by Juniari.

Red Chair and the White Room Program at Sawidji

Discussion group at Sawidji. The topics broached upon in Red Chair and the White Room is broad and multi dimensional. We are looking forward to getting together with our friends and members of our community. To open a conversation and explore the different point of views that converge. An opportunity to discuss the theoretical aspects of our theme. As well as the related social and cultural questions that are posed within it.

During discussions we have a short film especially reserved for our group discussion. We look forward to sharing that with you. We hope from these meetings we will have positive input from members of our community. Which will strengthen our vision to continue our art collaborations to inspire creativity and unity. Where art can serve as a bridge that encourage better understanding and connectivity between people.

Sawidji Art Gallery and Studio have a vision of collaborative and united development. Art serving as a bridge for our community to continue to grow in positive directions. Nurturing empathy and inclusivity, and challenging the stale and predominantly commercial function art has become. Artists need to create work that is not popular. They need to feel free and motivated to access areas of art that may not be commercially rewarding. We need to be in a space where art can be true in its process. In this way, it can begin to be a true reflection of ourselves and a constructive bridge to raise self-awareness and community unity.

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