Silent Nature, Mask in Progress is just a short video to show our current collaborative project with Mask Artist Ketut Sukerta. Sawidji has two ongoing projects with Ketut. One is to build our collection of traditional masks. The other is our collaborative work.

This is the first mask in a series that Sawidji has initiated. Exploring current themes that we can reflect upon. This mask is nearing completion so hopefully we will have a feature on it next week.

A short video of Ketut working on our first collaborative mask together.

We created a Sawidji YouTube Channel last week. All our videos will be uploaded there as well. So we hope you will take a look and enjoy more from Sawidji.

  • Awaiting Hanuman
    The Living Masks of Bali. Hanuman, a mask in progress. A look into the making of the mask of Hanuman and our love of a cherished symbol of devotion.
  • A Bridge To Self, Painting a Meditation
    Explores the similar fates we have designated to works of art as we do ourselves. Perhaps the reason that art can be a healing path back to the self.
  • The Subtleties of Topeng Keras
    Explores what lies within the character of ‘Topeng Keras’. One of the sacred Masks that appear in Topeng Babad. Amongst Bali’s oldest and most sacred Dance Mask Rituals.
  • Kala and the Guardians, a Timely Reflection
    Reflecting on the nature of Time. Our relationship to the Earth and Spirit through a conceptual journey. A collaborative exhibition with the works of Dewi Dian, ManButur Suantara, Nyoman Handi and Kaprus Jaya.
  • Listen to the Signs, Cultivating Inclusivity
    Listen to the Signs. Reflections on Inclusivity and the true meaning of Equality with Sushrusa Deaf School. International Day of Persons with Disabilities.
  • Magic and Reason, Pulling on the Rope of Imagination
    Looking into the mind of artist Shuai Feng. In a quest for Truth through the realm of imagination.
  • Finding July in September
    Building community, making memories and trusting dreams… a Sawidji story.

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