In Search of Light
In Search of Light

Features a small selection of works by Gede Juli. As introduced in the article ‘Finding July in September’.

In Search of Light is a small collection of illustrations by a talent we met on a trip our team took together to Karangasem Bali. Gede Julis’ story became part of our story. It is recounted in the article ‘Finding July in September’. We feature here some of his works as it is profound in its meaning. A reflection of the dark struggles that many experience. Rendered with an equal mixture of hope and despair.

Gede Juli is a self taught artist and his imagery are remarkable. Technically mature and with great sensitivity.The marriage between the traditional Balinese imagery and Julis’ own personal, very private narratives weaves a beautiful philosophical web. They are executed in a purely pointillist technique using black and white ink. Similar to the well known works of artist Harijadi, whose detailed pointillist masterpieces have been known for over 20 years.

Sawidji Artist Collective believes strongly in building a supportive community culture. To be a support for talents that would otherwise struggle to survive. Through mutual care and support, the creative individuals who have otherwise been somewhat isolated may be seen. The beauty of their works, their honest stories a gift to us as well.

Art Prints Sawidji Gallery Gede Juli

The Prints of Juli

The sombre and beautiful works of Gede Juli are available in Archival Giclee Prints. Sales from prints goes to supporting Gede Juli on his journey in search of the light.

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