Wings and Things From Nyit

Wings and Things, series by Dewi Dian Reich

All too often, in photography, we plan for certain outcomes. We consider weather, lighting, make up, composition of a room and all manner of things to acquire our vision. The joy of ‘Wings and Things’ is the absence of any planning and an outcome that simply delighted.

On a photography excursion, I had with me a manual macro lens. Intended for close ups of wildflowers. Due to the rain, there were a number of beautiful effects that we encountered that morning.

There are always a fair number of insects in our hills. On any given walk we would find something interesting. However the flying white flies that are very very small, were out in plenty of numbers that day.

Wings and Things From Nyit came about because of an exercise in demonstrating the effects of aperture and depth of field. I used these little flying wings (Nyit) as a subject to focus on Knowing how difficult it would be to focus on the movement of one, but instead to emphasise on differentiating depth of field instead.

And was delighted at the surprising results. Some editing brought the fantastical qualities out further.If you look closely at each print, there amongst the colours are not only spots of light but little wings captured in flight. From the absolute delight this series has brought, Forest Whispers and Sunny Dreams also came about.

Each print is available as a Archival A2 Giclee Prints.

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