Wings and Things IV


Wings and Things IV
By Dewi Dian Reich, 2021
Limited Edition, set of 44.
Archival Giclee Print.

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Wings and Things IV ‘Nyit’ , of Forest Series. By Dewi Dian Reich. July 2021

Wings and Things IV are a series born out of the right time, the right place and the wrong lens! On a photography excursion with colleagues, Dewi Dian had been enjoying a manual 100ml lens that was also a macro lens. Discovering an abundance of flying things in the forest and surrounding hills, attempts to demonstrate depth of field was quite tricky with flying tiny insects and manual focus macro lens.

It was admittedly a lot of fun. Perhaps due to the early hours and the overcast nature of the morning. Fresh rain from the night before still moistening the surrounds. The bokeh and the colours captured in these frames were beautiful even prior to editing. They inspired a play in post editing. What we have is a wonderful celebration of colours and whimsy. Beauty and imagination.

The little ‘Nyits’ that were little flying insects that would migrate in groups over shaded areas, are white. They fly and under the scrutiny of the lens, their wings were captured in flight. Giving a surprising point of clarity in the images, amongst an abstracted view of the environment. They simply look magical.

The Wings and Things ‘Nyit’ series inspired the Forest Whispers  and Sunny Dreams Silk Shawl collection by Sawidji Silks.

Other Series by Dewi Dian, Fortitude.


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