Beauty of Fortitude


Beauty, of Fortitude Series.

By Dewi Dian Reich, May 2021

Signed Limited Edition (of 44)

Museum Standard, Archival Photographic Print.

44 in stock


Beauty, X of Fortitude Series. By Dewi Dian Reich. May 2021

The tenth and final  instalment in this Fortitude series is Beauty of Fortitude. The ‘Mimosa Pudica’ from Latin: pudica “shy, bashful or shrinking” also called sensitive plant, sleepy plant, action plant,touch-me-not, shameplant.

Fortitude, is a collection of works exploring quiet strength and modest constancy. In this case, the modest courage reflected in our rambling weeds.  Their beauty unseen and their strength unrecognised.

Beauty of Fortitude, depicts the Mimosa Pudica. The highly adaptable weed that is usually found in low nutrient soils, is one that does well in hard conditions. It has learned to defend itself against predators by closing its leaves when touched. Reopening again after several minutes. It has a unique ethereal beauty when seen through the lens.

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