Dewi Pudak by Wayan Wangen


  • Dewi Pudak by Wayan Wangen
  • Jackfruit Wood Sculpture 2012
  • Dimensions: H70cm x L40cm x W20cm

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Dewi Pudak by  Wayan Wangen, 2012. Wood sculpture from Jackfruit Wood( Artocarpus Heterophyllus), original piece by artist Wayan Wangen.

Dewi Pudak has a few things that are charming about it. One aspect is this elongated curvature which is a stylization often visible in Wangen’s pieces. For example Dewi Sita, Dewi Sri Bawang and Dewi Sita in the Fire. Here, we have the same fluidity that sometimes is not uncommon. However, with Wayan Wangen’s experience and his calibre of work, it is seldom due to popular demand. In fact, the artist would be one of the originals who have begun this modern semi abstraction decades ago.

Pudak, is a flower from the Screwpine (Pandanus Tectorius).  In Balinese culture its leaves are used to make mats and baskets . This piece is actually named after the flower of the Pandanus Tectorius.

About Wayan Wangen

Wayan Wangen is a master sculptor, member of the Gus Tilem exclusive Gallery for 25 years. Retired from wood carving, his collection are testament to the artists’ contribution to the golden days of traditional wood carving here in Bali.

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