Dewi Sri Bawang, I Wayan Wangen


Dewi Sri Bawang, by I Wayan Wangen

Crocodile Wood Sculpture, circa 1991

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Dewi Sri Bawang, by I Wayan Wangen

Onion (Dewi Sri Bawang) and Garlic, is an old tale well known in Indonesia. Both in Javanese and Balinese history. It is a story of two sisters, Bawang Merah (Onion) and Bawang Putih (Garlic). Bawang Merah is honest, diligent and dutiful. Helping her parents and has a kind, generous nature. She is always bullied by her sister Bawang Putih.

Out of Bawang Putih’s jealousy, Bawang Merah was driven away into the forest. There she received blessing from God and help from a Golden Bird. She was gifted with a miraculous gift and to protect her from the lies and accusations of Bawang Putih.

This sculpture depicts Bawang Merah, and the Golden Bird that was sent to help her. This bird is called Celalong Mas (Black Naped Orioles).

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