Kala Rauh & Dewi Ratih


Kala Rauh dan Dewi Ratih

  • Artist, I Wayan Wangen
  • Mahogany, circa 1996
  • 60x10x33cm

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Kala Rauh & Dewi Ratih, by I Wayan Wangen.

Artist recounts the making of this sculpture and the story surrounding the subject matter. Dewi Ratih is consumed by the Moon.  Kala Rauh was beheaded by Indra, the Sun God, until there was only his head left. This is the reason, after he consumed Dewi Ratih he comes out again because he does not have a body.

At the time, the artist recounts that he often saw the moon, and had visions of the moon. Which is why he was inspired to carve this piece.

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Dimensions 70 × 20 × 43 cm


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