Salia, I Wayan Wangen, circa 1993


Salia, byI Wayan Wangen,
Jackfruit Wood Sculpture, circa 1993
35cm x 35cm x 20cm

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Salia by I Wayan Wangen. Jackfruit Wood original sculpture, carved in 1993 by a Master Wood Sculptor, I Wayan Wangen. A veteran of Gus Tilem’s Award Winning Fine Art Gallery. specialising in wood carvings for 25 years. Master Sculptor I Wayan Wangen never makes the same sculpture twice.


The story of Salia is reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet, they say here. It is the story of a young couple. The husband is required to go to war, however the wife is not willing to let him go. She threatens to kills herself if he leaves her.

To learn more about the artist, visit Wayan Wangen’s Profile


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