Dewi Sita in the Fire, I Wayan Wangen


  • Dewi Sita in the Fire, by I Wayan Wangen
  • Waru Wood, Sculpture, circa 1991
  • 70cmx30cm

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Dewi Sita in the Fire, by I Wayan Wangen. Circa 1991. Wood sculpture from Waru Wood, original piece by artist Wayan Wangen. He chose specifically this piece of wood because he saw in its shape already the story. The shape of the wood is reminiscent of burning fire. Apt choice for the subject matter depicted in this piece.

Dewi Sita forged in the Fire to prove her innocence is a well known part of the story that everyone in the local community knows.

To learn more about the artist, visit Wayan Wangen’s Profile


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