Contemplating Figures I


  • Contemplating Figures I by Ellen Lane
  • Limited Edition of 15
  • Signed Archival Giclee Print
  • 51cm x 41cm
  • Fine Art Paper


Contemplating Figures I Art Print. Giclee Print of artwork signed by the artist Ellen Lane. Original artwork is acrylic on canvas. Exhibited in ‘Glass doors and Bridges’ at Sawidji Gallery February – March 2023.

Contemplating Figures I is part of a set of three paintings.

Contemplating Figures I are figures in a landscape. They grew out of the landscape with different lights at different times of day,.Figures contemplating their environment. Perhaps born out of sunset or emerging through dawn.Perhaps it is morning, perhaps it is night, figures that emerge from the light. Like an outsider coming in contemplating a new world.

Ellen Lane is an American contemporary artist residing in Bali. Her creative career has spanned a variety of mediums. Coming from a multi-media and photographic background with strong commercial roots into abstract and figurative works of an intuitive nature.

Ellen Lane has exhibited widely, and her award-winning artworks are in collections throughout the United States and Europe. Her paintings are published in the books, “The Best of Acrylic Paintings”, and “Portrait Inspirations” and “Living Artists 13”.

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Ellen Lane


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 51 × 41 cm


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