Weird Bird II Limited Edition Print


  • Weird Bird II
  • Limited Edition of 40
  • Certificate of authentication
  • Archival Giclee Print
  • Artist Shuai Feng
  • A2 print Fine Art Paper


Weird Bird II Limited Edition Fine Art Print (Giclee Print), Limited Edition. Original artwork watercolour by Shuai Feng. Exhibited in ‘Truth Be Told’ at Sawidji Gallery October -November 2022. Excerpt from ‘Magic and Reason, pulling on the Rope of Imagination’..

Weird Bird II Limited Edition Art Print

The Magic of Weird Bird

In these watercolours, we begin to see a theme of strange animals and shapes. There is a recurring theme. A theme of strange-looking birds appears throughout her illustrations during this period of time. By this time, the process of defining her identity as well as her exploration for ‘Truth’ is immersed in the freedom of imagination. The symbolism of her work explodes in a strong gush, in her watercolour series. She is drawn to natural elements in Nature and identifies the shape of the weird bird as somewhat akin to her ‘Soul’.

This artwork is part of a series of 4  ‘Weird Bird Watercolours. Learn more about Shuai Feng

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 1 cm


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