Contemplating Figures II


  • Contemplating Figures II by Ellen Lane
  • Limited Edition of 15
  • Signed Giclee Print
  • 51cm x 41cm
  • Fine Art Paper


Contemplating Figures II Fine Art Giclee Print signed by artist Ellen Lane. Original artwork, acrylic on canvas by contemporary artist Ellen Lane. Exhibited in Glass doors and Bridges’ at Sawidji Gallery February – March 2023.

In Contemplating Figures, I, II and III the artist depicts three figures in each of the landscapes. These figures seem to have emerged out of the landscape. Each with different lighting and perhaps at different times of the day. It is perhaps a moment where they are contemplating their environment. Looking at the same things that appear differently because of the passing of time. Light and colour change how we perceive. Maybe it’s a sunset, maybe it’s night, maybe morning and it’s about light. Feeling like an outsider coming in contemplating the new world they are entering.

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Ellen Lane


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Contemplating Figures I

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 51 × 41 cm


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