Independence of Fortitude


Independence, of Fortitude Series.

By Dewi Dian Reich, May 2021

Limited Edition, set of 44.

Museum Standard, Archival Photographic Print.

44 in stock


Independence, VII of Fortitude Series. By Dewi Dian Reich. May 2021

The seventh  instalment in this Fortitude series is Independence of Fortitude. The ‘Bunga Kangkung’ (Ipomoea Aquatica) is a vegetable flower growing wild in the rice fields near water sources. Its leaves are edible and is a common vegetable in the local diet. Its flowers however, attract no attention.

Fortitude, is a collection of works exploring quiet strength and modest constancy. In this case, the modest courage reflected in our rambling weeds.  Their beauty unseen and their strength unrecognised.

The seventh flower in this series, is one shaped differently giving a different impression of its shape. It  keeps true to itself and stands out from the rest. Reminds one of the independence that automatically strengthens in the practice of fortitude.

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About Ipomoea Aquatica, also known as Water Spinach.

The origin of I. aquatica is not quite clear, but it is agreed that it is native in Southeast Asia. Within Asia, several sources cite China as the location of the plant’s domestication. On the other hand, India has been suggested as the location of the plant’s origin. However, none of these sources give references other than when the name of I. aquatica first appeared in historical documents.

There are also studies suggesting that the species is native to Africa and it is debated whether it is part of African indigenous flora or whether it was introduced there by Chinese mariner Zheng He



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