Refreshing I by Wayan Suastama


  • Refreshing I, 2020
  • Artist Wayan Suastama
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • Size 50cm x 50cm

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Refreshing I by Wayan Suastama. Original artwork acrylic on canvas, 2022.

Refreshing I is part of the ‘Beyond a Holiday’ series by Wayan Suastama. Beyond a Holiday, explores a selection of works by artist Wayan Suastama that explores the same theme during contrasting social conditions

Wayan Suastama explored the theme of leisure and holidays during two different periods in his life. Exploring these themes was not something that he deliberated on. These were subjects and themes that naturally occurred,.. coincidentally at two very different phases of his career and in very different social and economic conditions.

Art, a Recording of Emotional History

The lines are much more emotionally charged. There is less care for structure or clear narratives that defined the first series. Here they are spontaneous, more expressive and unruly. There is most notably, a lack of traditional compositional balance. The world is just a mix of objects floating through space, ambiguous and without solid grounding. Even the central horizon and solid division of earth and sky that appears in the first series is almost completely gone in the second. Perhaps inadvertently capturing the uncertainty and sense of ennui experienced during long periods of social restrictions. Visually Expressing the effects of long-term isolation on our psychological framework.

About the artist Wayan Suastama.

Suastamas’ works often feature female figures. A wide range of colours and textures, as a symbol of the regenerative and creative force. His new series which includes ‘Whispers to the Clouds,’ (Bisikan Pada Awan) explores in detail the philosophical theme of ‘upstream and downstream’ (Hulu Teben) in our relationship to the balance in Nature and is exhibited in World Without Sound 2023 Sawidji Gallery.

Explore the collections of this artist, whose portfolio exudes a visual sensitivity that is rich in social observations and personal transformations.


Beyond a Holiday

Farmer Series, Wayan Suastama

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