'Mountain' in Black and White
‘Mountain’ in Black and White

‘Mountain’ in Black and White Fine Art Photographer, artist, teacher and mentor. His love for Nature does not only inspire his art but also many environmental and wildlife documentation projects. Finding ways to raise awareness and as a way of giving back to Mother Nature.
Article written by Dewi Dian Reich

‘Mountain’ in Black and White is spotlight on a collection of works by Nyoman Suantara. Featuring the mountains of our islands. What meaning is there in the word ‘Mountain‘. What feelings do we feel when seeing ‘Mountain’? And what thoughts do we have when we stand upon a ‘Mountain’?

From the ancient civilisation until now in parts of the world Mountain still exists. Being one of the sources of energy. In traditional cultures the mountain holds a significant place in the lives of the community.

ManButur Suantara

How do you capture in a few little words the largest concept we have of size and power on this earth? A mountain is the highest we can reach earth. We seem to have an impulse to climb it, to see what is on the top. We think of a mountain as something we can conquer with our will and determination. The notion that once we have climbed a mountain we have conquered it. That is absurd. Our mountains do not need any acknowledgement or validation. The ‘Mountain’ exists and will continue.

The mountains’ ferocity can be fatal, and their peaks may be thought of as the front doorstep to heaven. When the mountains are deep in their slumber, this may not be a calm. It may still be the quiet before the storm of their fire and ashes. A mountains slightest tremor can change the shape of the earth and her fire destruction. Her cooling fire can carry ancient memories and she can make the earth fertile and bountiful.

The peaks of our Mountains are as pure and sacred a place we can be a witness to on earth.

ManButur Suantara Sawidji

ManButur Suantara ‘Mountain’ Collection are Limited Edition Archival Giclee Prints signed by Nyoman Suantara.

Editions of 25.

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