'Water' in Black and White
‘Water’ in Black and White

Fine Art Photographer, artist, teacher and mentor. His love for Nature does not only inspire his art but also many environmental and wildlife documentation projects. Finding ways to raise awareness and as a way of giving back to Mother Nature.

When one hears ‘Water‘, immediately our minds go to all the things that are sensory and visual. We think of the colour blue and we associate the feeling ‘wet’. Around us, Water is ocean, lake, rain, and dew. In feelings, we may associate coolness, wetness, thirst, and by association dryness. In ManButur’s Water series, I find it most interesting that those associations are the least pronounced.

We are inadvertently guided to experience Water, in a different way. Here, Water is present, but as a quiet supporting role. A presence that does not scream out. Yet, its presence transports us to a place quite different. Here, Water have merged together the earth and the sky.

‘Water’ Series by ManButur Suantara are available in Sawidji Gallery Online. Signed Archival Giclee Prints, Limited Edition of 25.

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