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The Brightness of Black. A selection of works in black ink by Putu Bonuz Sudiana Written by Dewi Dian Reich

The Brightness of Black… The abstract works of Putu Bonuz, in powerful, dynamic bursts of colour are well known. However, Sawidji is highlighting a different collection of works by this artist. A unique selection of works in black ink that carries the same power and energy, though from a different creative aspect of Bonuz as an artist..

The singularity of black ink reveals an alternative perspective on the art of Putu Bonuz. Through his abstract, he connects a visual reality to an imaginative interpretation of Nature’s elements. This is very much the artist’s signature style.

Bawi Srenggi I by Putu Bonuz Sudiana Ink on Canvas

The Density of Black

However, Putu Bonuz’s energy and intensity are equally charged in his black ink pieces. With a visual presence that is both subtle and bold at the same time. Sawidji features this ink selection, for they capture a side of the artist that is more personal and private.

Image: Bawi Srenggi I by Putu Bonuz Sudiana

Artist Essentials

It is in these black ink creations that we see the raw essentials of Bonuzt. Like coffee that has been brewed down to leave you with the strongest taste. The density of black in this series is Putu Bonuz brewed down to the essentials.

Bawi Srenggi II Putu Bonuz Sudiana Sawidji Gallery
Bawi Srenggi II by Putu Bonuz Sudiana

Putu Bonuz Sudiana works through a process of searching in his abstraction. But in these ink paintings and drawings, the black brushstrokes are compositions with similar simplicity of classic caligraphy whilst carrying the movement and energy typical of Bonuz. There is a notable shift in visual style, one that clearly echoes classical Balinese tones.

Sawidji Gallery Putu Bonuz Sudiana Artwork 'Patala'

The linearism of his ink work is quite unlike Bonuz in abstraction. These tones of classical stylisation are joined with the spontaneity and intuitiveness of his abstraction. The fusion of movement and static Balinese classical style creates beautiful contrasts of feeling.

Image: Patala II by Putu Bonuz Sudiana 110cm x 180cm

The traditional resonance of his cultural roots is evident and clear, showing how integral it is to the creative identity of the artist. And it is in these works that I find the most complete representations of Putu Bonuz as an artist. Where abstraction meets figurative, where ancient meets modern, complexity is simplified and where the depth of the spiritual component is made visually tangible.

Black lines strengthen boundaries. It cannot be manipulated. The light is most beautiful beside the darkest edges. Through the dark, we learn about light. We find ways to capture light through the dark.

Putu Bonuz

Image: Patala I Ink on Canvas by Putu Bonuz Sudiana 110cm x 180cm

Brightness of Black Collection

This feature on the works in black ink began from our first conversation about his work. I noticed that he had a preference for the darker colours and asked him if there was any particular reason for the preference.

The Meaning of Black… “I come from an island called Nusa Penida. This island is known for its hardness. Its character, comparatively is harsh. Where I come from perhaps contributes in a significant way to these preferences of colour, and my expression as an artist. I like dark colours because I see them as an expression of strength. My character is not dissimilar. I identify with this hardness, a form of aggressive expression. When I see black, I like it. It is a long-standing preference.”

Ink Drawings by Putu Bonuz Sudiana

“Our beliefs manifest within abstraction, I believe in life you need this strength, boldness and at times aggression, you need this for survival. The strength of dark lines marks a point of survival. Perhaps this is one of the key beliefs of my consciousness that I am expressing there.”

Putu Bonuz Sudiana

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