Topeng Babad, History Masks

Topeng Babad, History Masks that generations young and old know and love in Balinese communities today. ‘Topeng Babad’ literally means ‘History Mask’. The same faces you see through ceremonial masks like this, have existed for centuries. They are carved and brought alive in dance and storytelling. When it is their time to rise and tell their stories, our Masks pass down oral history through generations. It is the storytelling that happens through a performance filled with humour and wisdom. So much so, it is still loved today by the young and old.

The masks of Topeng Babad is featured in Sawidji Gallery’s Exhibition ‘Sacred Home’.

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Ketut Sukerta, Ceremonial Mask Maker. His upcoming works, is the making of a full collection of Bali’s Traditional Masks, whilst sharing their stories, his processes and the wise teachings they impart to us still. Living Masks, the faces of our past, here still, passing on guidance and wisdom, talking amongst the living.

Join us on upcoming stories from Ketut Sukerta and the Living Masks of Bali.

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