Topeng Babad, History Masks

Topeng Babad, History Masks what generations young and old know and love in Balinese communities today. ‘This translates to mean ‘History Mask’. The same faces you see through ceremonial masks like this have existed for centuries. They are carved and brought alive in dance and storytelling. When it is their time to rise and tell their stories, our Masks pass down oral history through generations. It is the storytelling that happens through a performance filled with humour and wisdom. So much so, it is still loved today by the young and old.

About Topeng Babad Today

  • Topeng Dalem, The Truth of a King
    Topeng Dalem. The mask, the dance and the truth behind the nobility of Kings.
  • The Power of Topeng Tua
    An exercise of the deepest empathy through the wisdom of Topeng Tua
  • Dancing Memories of Wayang Wong
    Shared memories of the mysterious nature of a unique ancient tradition. The Wayang Wong of Pura Taman Pule.
  • Awaiting Hanuman
    The Living Masks of Bali. Hanuman, a mask in progress. A look into the making of the mask of Hanuman and our love of a cherished symbol of devotion.
  • The Subtleties of Topeng Keras
    Explores what lies within the character of ‘Topeng Keras’. One of the sacred Masks that appear in Topeng Babad. Amongst Bali’s oldest and most sacred Dance Mask Rituals.
  • A Trees Offering: Reflections of a Mask Maker
    Mask Maker Ketut Sukerta reflects upon his relationship with Trees and Wood. His most intimate partner in the creation of his works.

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