Topeng Bondres II


  • Topeng Bondres (Commoner)
  • Hand carved by Ceremonial Mask Maker
  • Ketut Sukerta of Mas Ubud.
  • Made of Pule Wood(Alstonia Augustifolia)


Topeng Bondres II ‘Commoner’ is one of 6 masks that complete the Topeng Babad Bali. Otherwise known as Sidakarya. Handcarved by Traditional Mask Maker Ketut Sukerta. Made of Pule Wood (Alstonia Angustiloba) Available for Pre-Order. Each mask like Topeng Tua, is made following the traditional processes that we discuss and document in our ‘Living Masks Blog Series’.

Part of the Sawidji Incentive is to share knowledge about our cultural and artistic heritage. Knowledge is a beautiful gift and these Masks such as that of ‘Topeng Bondres II’ are the unchanging faces that have stayed with us through generations, passing down Old Wisdom’s and Life Lessons to each new generation.

There are many masks that appears to be the same in the market. However, that is very Fram from true. Which is one of the very real issues that traditional artists face in Bali. It is exactly this very reason why our Balinese traditional arts is in a tenuous state of survival.  Because you can say that value is diluted and systematically made unclear. As a result, the artists and artisans who dedicate their lives to perfect their skills are the disadvantaged. Their works are drowned out by the over saturation of imitations and copies that overrun markets to cater to a commercial tourist trade.

This is one a reason why Sawidji directly focuses on our artists and artisans. Firstly, it is they, who we are introducing to the world. Wholeheartedly. Building our house on the basis of transparency and openness. Bringing you the works of our artists directly and have them fairly recognised for the wonderful talents they have.

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