The Figurative Series of Widiana..

Widiana: Natural Expressionist is a series of figurative works by Dewa Gede Widiana. A young rising contemporary Balinese artist. His style exhibits a bold but very natural sensitivity within his colour language and brushwork. Which then create tangible atmospheric nuances in his paintings.

For instance, looking at ‘Idle I, Idle II and Idle III’ you feel there is a quiet pause in the room. However, you can sense also contemplation as well. The beautiful warmth of light softens the vacantness but does not take it away completely. Perhaps you can say there is a sombreness, but it is not overwhelming.

It is this precarious balance between comfort and discomfort that permeates through the paintings. The uncertainty that lingers, ‘am I happy, or am I not?’ is perhaps being pondered.

There are also, emotive contrasts here that are buffered by the joviality of the colour palette. On the one hand, we have the warmth of autumn. On the other hand it is contrasted by the sharp coolness of the blue shadows.

It is in these subtle nuances, that the work of a natural expressionist is very evidently maturing. Not allowing us to feel heat, despite the overwhelming display of warmth. There appears to be fire, but we feel no menacing heat. His contemplation and his own sense of idle waiting is helplessly reflected through his brush.

Each painting is available as Giclee print on archival paper through Sawidji Store. Available in A3+|A2 sizes. For any print not yet in store, may be requested through

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