Rama Sita Masks


Rama Sita Masks

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Hand carved by Traditional Mask Maker
Ketut Sukerta of Mas Ubud.
Made of Pule Wood (Alstonia Augustifolia)
Sita : 18 x 18 x 10cm
Rama: 17 x 17 x 10cm
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Topeng Rama Sita are a pair. The Mask of King Rama and his Queen Sita.

Part of the Sawidji Incentive is to share knowledge about our cultural and artistic heritage. Knowledge is a beautiful gift and traditional Masks carry with them a rich history as well as art. Balinese Masks have a specific stylisation as well as rules and guidelines for the Mask Maker. However throughout history, there are times when the Balinese Style is exposed or combined with external influences that enter Bali.

Balinese people do not stop doing art. Although the island of Bali was hit by various disasters from the wars of various sects in Bali. The emergence of the Balinese version of the Rama-Sita Mask is closely related to the arrival of Gajah Mada from Majapahit around 1345. Gajah Mada was able to dominate Bali and unite Java and Bali. All Javanese arts enter Bali, including Javanese masks. The Balinese received Javanese art and from there led to the combination of Javanese mask art and Balinese mask which has been passed down until now. But the Balinese people still adhere to the traditional Balinese standard.

Ketut Sukerta about Rama Sita Masks



Masyarakat Bali tak hentinya berkesenian. Walau Pulau Bali di landa berbagai bencana dari perang berbagai sekta di Bali. Timbulnya versi Topeng Rama-Sita Jawa Bali erat kaitannya dengan datangnya Gajah Mada dari Majapahit sekitar tahun 1345. Gajah Mada dapat manguasai Bali dan menyatukan Jawa dan Bali. Semua kesenian Jawa masuk Bali termasuk topeng Jawa. Orang Bali menerima kesenian Jawa dan dari situ timbal perpaduan diantara seni Topeng Jawa dan Topeng Bali yang diwariskan sampai sekarang. Tetapi masyarakat Bali tetap pada pakem pakem tradisional orang Bali.

Ketut Sukerta tentang Topeng Rama Sita

Rama Sita Masks, to find out more about the Ramayana and the Story of Rama and Sita click here.


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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 10 cm


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