Reward of Fortitude


Reward, of Fortitude Series.

By Dewi Dian Reich, May 2021

Limited Edition, set of 44.

Museum Standard, Archival Photographic Print.

44 in stock


Reward, VIII of Fortitude Series. By Dewi Dian Reich. May 2021

The eighth  instalment in this Fortitude series is Independence of Fortitude. The ‘Water Hyacinth’ (Eichhornia crassipes) is categorised as one of the fastest growing water plants. It is so prolific, its habits can overtake waterways and become a considerable issue.

However, in tropical rice fields, the water hyacinth is a welcome support. Its leaves are used in a mixture to feed ducks, who are kept to keep the ecosystem of the rice fields balanced. This aquatic herb has is useful in making textiles, paper and a many other products as well.

Fortitude, is a collection of works exploring quiet strength and modest constancy. In this case, the modest courage reflected in our rambling weeds.  Their beauty unseen and their strength unrecognised.

Reward of Fortitude, depicts the Water Hyacinth for the first time. The ‘Eceng Gondok’ is often shunned because of its strength. When you  learn of the characteristics of the Water Hyacinth, not only is it beautiful, but incredibly strong. Also, It gives of itself in many ways to be useful and helpful.

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More about ‘Eceng Gondok’  or ‘The ‘Water Hyacinth’ (Eichhornia crassipes)

The water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms) is a free floating perennial herb of fresh water ecosystems. It is the topic of many discussions to find the right management solution to harness its considerable strength. It is this that is reflected in Fortitude. When one works in balance with the characteristic of a strong survivor, there are a number of rewarding outcomes. Its usefulness, its adaptability and proficiency, all become an asset, not a burden.




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