Nyoman Handi
Nyoman Handi

The art of Nyoman Handi. A creative originality that fuses a new-generation social consciousness through a visual language that echoes our ancient beginnings. Sawidji Art Gallery and Studio.

Handis’ Contemporary Primitivism…a Refreshing Voice

Nyoman Handi Yasa, a contemporary artist whose art explores environmental and social themes on canvas and mixed media. Handi works with acrylic, inks, and watercolours on a variety of traditional as well as recycled mediums. Highly experimental in his technique, Nyoman Handi is known for pushing stylistic boundaries in his explorations.

Modern Primitivism, within Western philosophy, Primitivism suggests that the people of primitive or older societies possess morality and ethics that are superior to the urban value system we are currently living in today.

I enjoyed drawing since I was small. We use to draw in the dirt or graffitti with chalk.. on fences and walls.. In my notebooks it was always full of drawings..  . There the community is not very  art orientated.. I was just free to do as I like without any guidance. 


A Broad Stylistic Range

In Handi’s works, despite the broad scope of mediums and disciplines that are merged in his works, his visual imprint consistently communicates a stylistic reference that honours the past. With a boldness that can sometimes bespoke a rawness found in brut art movements, Handis’ works however have a subtlety that he himself may not be conscious of. His bursts of energy are part of a steady contemplation. This is perhaps why there is an underlying mood of quiet stoicism across his works that is very much part of the artist himself.

Widayat..Picasso.Van Gogh and Renoir..when I look at their works I think ‘ how did they get there.. what influenced them to get their works there to that point?.. in those times.. we only had traditional paintings so seeing something so different left quite an impression on me..

Handi, on his early influences

Tarian Alam Series by Nyoman Handi. Often found in Handis’ miniature paintings, a bold spontaneity and experimentation. Known for his large mix-media installations as well as canvas works, the smaller works reflect a process of searching and questioning. In these artists’ mixed media studies, there is a range of open explorations reflecting Handis’ broad range of influences. The series Tarian Alam shows studies in composition that are less structured and more fluid with movement. A play of colour and geometry that echoes the nuances of Chagall. Coming through it are the linear stylistic figures of Handis’ trademark. Appropriate to the theme that has been consistent in his work. Our human relationship to Nature and issues relating to human impact on our environment.

The most important thing from art is that we can communicate message from our work and our work can be recognised that it is the artists work. That people can understand and receive the message into the community

Nyoman Handi
Berdendang Nyoman Handi Sawidji Gallery

Art Painting

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