Ellen Lane Art Print Collection
Ellen Lane Art Print Collection

Ellen Lane Art Print Collection features signed giclee limited editions of works by Ellen Lane. A selection of featured works in the ‘Glass Doors and Bridges’ Exhibition.

Ellen Lane is a contemporary artist residing in Bali. Her creative career has spanned a variety of mediums. Coming from a multi-media and photographic background with strong commercial roots into abstract and figurative works of an intuitive nature.  Ellen Lane has exhibited widely with award-winning artworks in collections throughout the United States and Europe. Her paintings are published in the books, “The Best of Acrylic Paintings”, and “Portrait Inspirations” and “Living Artists 13”.

Glass Doors & Bridges

Glass Doors and Bridges feature the beautifully emotive works of contemporary artist Ellen Lane, inspired by her experiences in Bali. Reflecting the multi-dimensional nature of our community whilst highlighting the connecting thread of creative energy here. 

Limited Editions Art Prints

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