Kala & the Guardians Limited Editions
Kala & the Guardians Limited Editions

Reflecting on the nature of Time and our relationship to Earth and Spirit through a conceptual mixed media narrative. A collaborative exhibition with the works of Dewi Dian, ManButur Suantara, Nyoman Handi.

Kala & the Guardians Limited Editions presents a selection of works from the second project presented by Sawidji in what has become our conceptual narrative way. Our story grew together from its initial theme to its installation-focused process in Sawidji Studio. From costume design to studio staging, the documentation of its process carries as much of its meaning for us as the final images that we present.

The exhibition Kala and the Guardians, its narration and its themes are available online through this Exhibition Guide.


Kala & the Guardians Limited Edition Giclee Prints

Several images from this narrative have been selected and are available as limited editions of 20, archival fine art prints. The story of Kala and the Guardians is one that continues. One that we will nurture, along with all the wonderful memories this work has given together with the many new friends who have expressed their love for this work that has already brought many of us together.

watch behind the scenes in making one of the portraits for Kala.

Limited Edition Giclee Prints

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